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Congrats on the gains! (Again). What’s your current routine?

My old routine was warm up, stretching, followed by erect pumping using an air pump with breaks for jelqing every 15 minutes I would do a total of an hour a day five days a week I’d also add in the bathmate at night especially if I knew I’d be having sex. My new routine consists of hanging between 3 and 5 set at 7lbs a day five days a week. I can’t hang seven days due to privacy so I also use an ADS (a cheap one from eBay) I hung a weight from it and it’s between 3-4lbs of pull a 5 pound weight pulled it off. I still add in the bathmate AFTER I’m done hanging never before. I do this mainly when I’m going to have sex. I attribute all my girth gains to pumping and also having an all around healthy dick. This is my 3rd week of hanging I’m strapped into my ADS because it’s Saturday.