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My stats, where do I stand


Okay, I did the newbie routine today. I realized I was a little bigger than I thought girthwise since I did initial measurement to track my gains. I am right at 6 inches girth, like literally 6.00 uniformly throughout. I will be measuring midshaft from now on. Lengthwise however I was only a little over 7 NBP and just at 7.5 BP. I am wondering does this make my cock short and fat? I don’t wanna gain much girth, I guess 6.25 at the most. But I want length to even my cock out so it doesn’t have chode like proportions. Also you guys here talk as if 6 is huge girth, I don’t know some girls have said I have a big dick but never “wow your dick is sooo thick” Also I fuck girl’s up the ass regularly with some lube.

6 inches girth is in the top couple percent. My thought, when some girls have said you have a big dick, they actually meant it, it’s pretty damn big, as in, bigger than 98% of all dicks. That’s probably why they said something.

4/2008 Bpel 6.50, Beg 5.5, Mseg 4.9

6/2008 Bpel 6.75, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

9/2008 Bpel 7.00, Beg 5.5, Mseg 5.1

Oh man… your dick is very large; if I had your dick, I would never have found this place. Get over yourself, and get on with life.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Mate, your flaccid dick looks pretty decent. I know what you mean about wanting to be bigger. You just want to be the best you can be. The only thing you can do now, is work on getting the dick that is right for you. Keep at it and pretty soon I bet you will feel a difference, not only in your hand, but in your head.

Did the newbie routine for 3 days, I know growth takes much longer but it really did seem bigger. Measured and girth was the same but length is at 7.625 BP. I guess it could be mis meaurement but I am normally very careful with measurement and it was the same measurement three times today.

Originally Posted by Montyspython
Also, has anyone else even though you know you are decent sized been stung by a comment a girl made years ago and unable to move forward from it? Shit sucks.

Yep, probably happens a lot more than you realize after you break up with a clingy girl.


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