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My Stats so far Questions.

My Stats so far Questions.

Hey all,
I’ve been hard at PE for a week now, silly me I didn’t do before mesurements so but I’ve still got some stats to go on here. This is the routine I’ve been following..

3 mins under hot water in the shower
10 - 30 second stretches (downward)
Long slow Jelqs 200
50 5 second Kegels.
2 days on 1 off.

I changed this today when I read Andrew69’s post, I would have rested today (He suggests 3 days on 1 off)but I did a routine which was just 5 - 30sc stretches in diff angles and 300 quick jelqs.. No kegels to speak of ? I’ve also been abstaining from masturbation for a week now as well but I’ll get to that later.

Anyway here is my stats.

BPEL - 6.4 (I use the metric system so I have no idea how to calculate this into inches, .4 is four black stripes past 6” on the ruler)
Width - 4.3
Flaccid - 4.5 (not that I really care about flaccid length)

The Length I know for a fact hasn’t changed at all since I started, but my girth has increased a lot! Even without beforehand measuring I know because I looked at it hard and was like WOW it’s blown right up like a balloon!
This is all great but should this be any indication to me of how to proceed my routines ? I’m def gaining in the width but not length yet.. I know it’s only been just over a week ;)
I have some concerns I would like to ask you guys incase any of you have any advice. I am abstaining from masturbatin because I believe after doing tons of it over the years it’s desensitised me alot and I want to get that back, I find it hard to get a full on hard on unless there is direct physical contact from myself or a partner and I want to try and rebuild my strength so to speak.. First of all any suggestions ? Second I here in lies another problem, I will be wanting to have casual sex so what am I to do to try and last in bed ? If I’m abstaining I just about blow after the first few strokes .. The reason I’m dubious about pre preparing say the afternoon before sex by jerking off is because I’m worried it will have an effect on my gains / strength. This may /and probably is just paranoia but I really would like to find some way of knowing for sure..
Anyways any suggestions ?

Many Thanks.

I am going to save you a tongue lashing by our moderator, westla.

Masturbation does not hinder gains. It only appears that it does because after we ejaculate, we tend to appear to be our smallest, temporarily and/or we sometimes feel a little “spent.” If you want to hold on to the immediate, post-workout engorgement, masturbate a couple hours after your workout. None of the benefits of your workout will be erased either way.

If you think your masturbation pattern previously is interfering with your normal erectile pattern, cut back on the frequency and see if that works.

Seems to me, though, that if masturbation caused insensitivity during sex a whole lot of us would be having trouble cumming during sex, not the other way around.

If you do have a hair trigger, prepping yourself prior to sex with an earlier ejaculation may be a logical solution so don’t avoid it just because you have in your head that abstainance is the answer.



I had the same question you do, and some guys here told me that I shouldn´t worry about it, when I was jelquing I wasn´t able to stay hard or semihard for too long so iwatch some porn, but, 2 or three times I couldn´t stand to edge too much and I ejeculated, but as far as I can see my gains haven´t stoped, in fact from those days until now I have seen better results, my girl started to notice the increase in my size.

So don´t worry and keep that good work.

Start: (nov 04) Bpel= 17,8 * 13 Cms Bpfsl=18 Cms (July 07) Bpel= 19.7 * 13.5 Cms Bpsfl=20.6 Cms

Now: Prometo que lo voy a hacer, prometo que lo voy a hacer, prometo que lo voy a hacer.


Thanks guys,

Yeah I know it is all in my head but that can be a powerful motivator sometimes ;) My problem isn’t staying hard during jelqing, I jelq at a lower erect level anyway. My problem is unless I’ve got a morning wood, for me to get really hard and stay hard I need constant contact and stimulation I.e. A partners hand or sex..

Any suggestions on the length issue ?

Thanks :)

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