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my situation

my situation

guys I wanna ask has anyone ever had anything like this, I want to start by saying I have my 81 year old mother in law living with us, and she is the type that is stuck on waltons mountain, yes I said it, but only if you knew, was doing jelqs in the shower, and I did notice a gain with in a week especially a better quality erection, but it got to a point with the stress in my life I stopped, me and the girlfriend have had some issues here lately, we have had a few discussions when we get in bed, and she has asked me to start back doing them as she could tell the difference. I am planning to start out doing a 100 every day or every other day while in the shower, something else I did notice when I was doing them, for some odd reason, it seemed to be a stress re leaver, I am planning to do that and also planning to start drinking more water , which is something I rarely do, and yes I know I need to. also keep in mind, in my situation pretty much no privacy either.

Not sure what the question is. My disabled mother lives with us, having anyone live with you and your family is a big strain. It’s very important to set clear boundaries and to revisit those boundaries if and when they are crossed. As far as finding or making time that’s for you to decide if it’s worth it for you. If it is then there is always a way to make time. Personally I’m married and stealth PE, no one knows other than y’all.shhhhh

I know what you mean, our problem is shes 81 and could careless about boundries lol.

Originally Posted by bandit2010
I know what you mean, our problem is she’s 81 and could careless about boundries lol.

If it’s your house then it’s up to you to set them. You don’t have to be a dick but you must set them and enforce them. It can be hard to do with a parent but you must or your relationship with your wife won’t work

Put locks on the door. If PE is something you and your partner value, you’ll find a way to make it work.

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There is locks on the door, its my girlfriends house. just gets aggravating being asked why it took so long in the bathroom shower ect.

She’s an old lady; why let it bother you?

Lock the bathroom door.

I would tell the old lady that I am doing some exercises for my prostate health that’s why I am occupying the bathroom for a while.

I don’t think she will say anything. You will be amazed to what women can relate to even in that age.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

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