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My Situation -- Seeking Advice

My Situation -- Seeking Advice

Over the last few months I’ve been PE’ing on a regular basis, and allowing proper rest. However, I have not received any gains, nor my hardly changed. But just recently, I changed my method of kegels, and have improved my EQ quite a bit (nothing amazing, but the EQ gains is obvious). So what should I do? Should I continue with the PE’ing and the new kegel routine and hope or the best?

Just trying to get some feedback here.

Thanks all

What is your routine, and are you using plenty of heat for a warmup?

Yessir. I’m doing the newb routine for PE’ing. As far as kegels go, it is:

- 100 1 second contractions
- 30 2 second contraction
- 12 5 second contractions

A gentle bump :)

Thinking of claiming this is my first week of the newb routine, since my EQ is up. Thoughts?

I assume you see positive PI only..(?)

Maybe you are being too gentle. Are you feeling a good stretch when you stretch, or barely pulling on it?

I feel a nice stretch where the penis inserts into the body, and the skin around it. Unsure if it’s the skin or ligaments inside getting a stretch, however.

Still seeking some advice :)

It took me around the 3 month mark to see gains.

Then they came very quickly.

Be patient for another month at least ! maybe add some more stretches

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