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My situation and My skepticism


My situation and My skepticism

Let me start out with some background information.

I am a 26 year old virgin, I’ve only had one girlfriend and we broke up before ever having sex. Over the years I have had opportunities to have sex but I always avoided it because of my penis size. I don’t even try to meet girls and don’t even attempt to flirt with the ones I do know. This is a real problem for me because I really want to have a wife and kids some day but I have the fear that even if I do meet a girl who is the one and we hit it off as soon as it comes time to have sex she will leave me. Or worse after months or years of marriage she will seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Everything wrong with my life stems from my lack of self esteem and insecurity because of my penis size. As for the numbers, the length isn’t THAT bad at about 6.5 inches, nearly 7 inches when I wasn’t overweight. But as we all know length doesn’t matter for shit. As for girth, it’s only like 4.5 inches, except for the head which is unusually larger than the shaft.

As for this whole penis enlargement thing I’m EXTREMELY skeptical. I can’t help but believe that every single person here is lying and photoshopping :-/. But this is my last hope so there is no harm in trying and I will put my trust into this community.

What I could use is advice, I don’t really care about gaining length so what is THE ABSOLUTE BEST method for gaining girth. Also, I would like to avoid gaining size in the head as much as possible so I don’t end up looking like a lollipop. I definitely do not want to gain ANY length at all if there are no girth gains as well, don’t need to look even more like a dipstick.

Please help me out, you guys are all I have to turn to,


This is so typical hearing this sort of thread here, and I’m kind of the same. I promise there are guys who satisfied women with much less. You have a decent size, don’t let it hold you back. Go out and enjoy yourself, you’ll be surprised of the reactions you get. Just read here about orgasmic techniques. Like give her the big O and you’ll be so glad you just went through with it.

If you’re still determined to get bigger read the newbie routine and about. I don’t even think you need to gain anything at that size. And so you know jelqing is like the staple thing for a newbie and every PE’er you might gain no girth and length instead, or just girth and no length or both. It depends on the person. I’d say dry jelqs are more likely to give you girth gains.

I think the thousands upon thousands of guys here have better things to do with their lives than help to propagate a hoax. Yes it works but it’s not a quick fix. Like any workout, you need to be dedicated and many men take years to reach their goals.

Most of the girth focused exercises are very extreme and should not be attempted until the penis has been conditioned otherwise injury could result. I would recommend the newbie routine minus the stretching since you don’t want anymore length. Just jelq for awhile. After that, you can move on to ulis, sadsak slinky, and other girth focused exercises.

I feel your pain man, I was once like you and now in a relationship am still insecure about my size. First off, I’m sure your well aware your pretty much around the average so theres loads of guys in the same situation as you. So take some time out and read through other peoples experiences, 140’000 hoaxs would be pretty impressive. PE has 100% worked for some (some little gains other huge gains).

You’ve got to realise coming from a guy who is smaller than you (check my stats and pics) that its not all about size but about confidence and technique. Its probably a 70/30% split in favour of technique. Sure been big is a bonus, but hitting the right spots, acting like your the king in the sack and having magical hands and tongues are what good sex is all about. There is loads of sexual technique tips on the net that I’m sure you’ve read, but if you want some one to one advice from a guy with similar stats feel free to private message me and I’ll run you through a few tricks. I went out with a stripper for 2 years and we didn’t break up because of my penis size. I split with her!

As for your quest for girth, its important to give your self a few months of the newbie routine to get yourself and your penis used to exercise and then the progression to more advanced methods i.e. clamping for girth. So start with this and build up your routine, your technique, your confidence in remaining injury free (a broken big dick is even more of a worry than a small one) and your commitment to PE. PE is not a golden ticket to a huge cock and it will not get you laid, make it easier to pick girls up. This is down to individual confidence and personality. Not all girls are porn stars gagging for cock, in fact most want the love care and affection from a boyfriend with sex being less important than theses factors.

Thunders is a great place to share your worries and get some great advice, regardless of whether you gain 3 inches in length and girth. I’ve only just begun my PE career but I’m going to stick with it and take it slow and get to where I want to be.

A recent thread of mine you might find interesting is: Porn and My mind are ruining my relationship. Help just so you know I can relate to your situation in a way

I WILL Double my Volume! Size Doesn't matter - THIS DOES!

You won’t believe that PE works unless and until you see it for yourself. Don’t expect to see changes overnight, though. It is a slow process (for most).

I don’t think there is any method that is guaranteed to add girth with no addition to length at all. The glans is often the hardest to enlarge, but even there, you might gain something.

Your expectations and fears are unfounded, however. There are millions of women who would be perfectly happy with your size. Very few women are going to seek out a better-endowed guy to achieve a greater degree of sexual satisfaction. In fact, for most women penis size has relatively little to do with their sexual satisfaction.

And don’t think that all your insecurities would be gone if you had a bigger penis. There are lots of things to be insecure over. Women aren’t going to fall into your bed if you have a bigger member.

I started with 5 inches of girth and I’ve gained a good amount of girth over the past few years. It isn’t a hoax…I used to be skeptical too…ask kingpole….I used to PM him and ask him over and over again, how did he gain so much girth….I had a hard time believing everything. One thing is, I always had hope, and with that hope I found the way to greatness.

Even at this point, Im still working hard and I still have a long way to my final goal. I personally have some trouble with cementing gains…it isn’t easy and it takes many months to cement a real gain…even up to a year maybe to cement a lot of size.

I can tell you this does work and if you want some girth….clamping and pumping are the road to a big fat cock. I know how you feel with the avoiding women thing as I used to do this to. It had a lot to do with wanting to be the biggest and the best. Now that I’m big, I lay down the law with the fefe’s.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

Start pumping.


Wow Clubber, you are currently at my goal which is 6” EG, I’m currently at 6” BG and 5.4 MSEG. I have done the newbie routine for 3 months
And the last 2 months I have switched the wet jelq with the dry jelq but in the same way, 100 jelqs of 2 or 3 seconds of duration with each
Grip (ok grip, overhand ok grip and the “c” grip) which leads to 300 jelqs, I can do this with ease and I do 200 kegels of 5 seconds each.

This month I am starting to wonder if I could add some jelq squeeze intro my routine, I mean, the same routine but with maybe 10 jelq squeezes?
What do you guys think? And as for ColdCrimsom, men there are many many ways to please a woman without a big cock, you got to remember
That for woman, there isnt anything that gives them more pleasure than the clitoris stimulation, so concentrate on your tongue, your fingers
And if you arent confident of your girth, then DO WORK, it is the only way in life to achieve something that is valuable.

I can assure that PE is real, I started with about 6.4 in length, and after 5 months I am on 7.2 as for the girth when I started, I was around 4.88
MSEG and now after 5 months I’m around 5.4 MSEG. So I can assure you that this 100% WORKS!!

Happy gaining and I can’t wait to see a post after one year when you would be happy with your new improved size :)

Clamping is supposed to be the best way of gaining girth, but it can be dangerous, so don’t do it if you’re feeling in an emotional frame of mind.

Erect jelqing is good for girth also, you could try adding generic viagra to your routine

I started pumping 45 mins a day (15 min sets) and gained about half an inch in length in a couple of months, but unfortunately nothing in girth. Pumping might not be the best thing for you, although other people have reported girth gains.

I used to be very insecure, not just about my penis size but about everything. The best therapy for me was dating ugly chicks, which is a great way to build confidence.

Dude, if I were you, in addition to your PE exercises I’d read everything I can about cunnilingus. Take it from a guy who’s had a breathless woman tell me “You eat the best pussy in town!” - if you can learn to really pleasure a woman with your tongue, lips, and teeth, you’ll have them lined up. If you can gain some girth, too, then you will get great responses there, but as long as you leave them satisfied, they’ll keep “coming” back for more!

11/09 - Egms 6.375, Bpel 6.25; 9/10 - Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0 1/12 Egms 6.6, Bpel 7.0

I used to avoid sex for fear that I was small but I was average and I came to find out guys with much less than me was banging every girl in my town and the girls enjoyed the sex! You joined like 2.5 years ago why are you just now looking to start a routine if this has caused you to stay a virgin until you are 26? Are you in shape? A girl would enjoy an in shape man with an average penis vs an out of shape man with a larger penis.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

It’s all in your head. If you’re insecure and unsatisfied with your size. Then you can bet she will be unsatisfied as well. Confidence is the key 100% of the time. I started out at 4.75” girth and I can assure you that size has never been an issue for me. I always got laid often and had plenty of repeat costumers. I’m sure that it helped that I was confident and a bit cocky.

Started: BPEL 6.75" MSEG 4.75", Now: BPEL 7.75" MSEG 5.438", Goal: BPEL 8" MSEG 6"

Bluray makes a very good point. For sure there are guys smaller than you who are getting as much pussy as they can stand. And the girls they are banging are loving every minute of it. Unless your size is really small (and yours certainly isn’t) how big your cock is really isn’t that big a deal for most women.

Only 6.5 inches?

That’s like 7-8 inches in a girls world.

Originally Posted by Jawbone
Only 6.5 inches?

That’s like 7-8 inches in a girls world.

Excellent point.

Started: BPEL 6.75" MSEG 4.75", Now: BPEL 7.75" MSEG 5.438", Goal: BPEL 8" MSEG 6"

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