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My situation and confusion, help please.

My situation and confusion, help please.

Hi, I’m new here and love all the different variations of PE here. I am extremely frustrated now. I’ve been trying for maybe 3 years to get some length gains with no luck. I first got a Jes-extender which I can’t stand to use as it is uncomfortable, slips off, and turns my head purple. Yesterday I got my original anchor, which I can wear all day. These are the only methods I have used, and have not done anything for girth. After looking at LOT theory I have determined I lose tugback at 6:00. I have been able to kegel for years, not even knowing what is was. It says when LOT is 6:00-7:00: potential gains from low hanging and stretching is low enough to ignore ligament stretching. Focus should be placed on stretching the tunica by high angle stretching and hanging. So at this point is my only option the different V and A stretches? Since I’m new to stretching, but have ease kegeling does anyone have a routine recommendation for me? Also a time frame would be greatly appreciated, since I want to get back to length gains. I did check the noob routine, but I though maybe a veteran would have a more advanced solution. Thank you for any advise.

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Regarding LOT - Here’s my standard reply: Bib's LOT theory was for hangers, men who hang weights from their penises. It attempted to predict which direction of hanging would be more beneficial based on an erroneous assumption about penile anatomy. It was tested extensively and shown not to be predictive of anything. Besides, it was for hangers.

The LOT theory can safely be ignored by all new members. It won't help you get gains with jelqing or stretching or even with hanging.

The Newbie Routine has proven itself time and again as the best way for new guys to get started. It combines girth work with length and allows you to build things gradually allowing the penis to accommodate to the new stresses. Even though you’ve been using some PE devices you shouldn’t consider anything “advanced” until you’ve done the Newbie Routine for six to eight weeks.

Best routine is the tried-and-true newbie routine.

I underwrite everything westla90069 said, and would add that trying the “advanced” routines will very likely end in injury, and set your growth back indefinitely. PE is a marathon, not a sprint.

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