Thanks for all the tips guys. I really appreciate it. And I think you are all right. I don’t think I realized that the newbie routine was anything more than a warm up to get your dick ready for real PE. I didn’t think any substantial gains would happen over that “conditioning” time. But it seems that that’s not the case. So I’ve wholeheartedly decided to begin with the newbie routine - though I will also continue my research on an ADS, because by it’s very nature it’s gentle and safe. And to be honest if you were willing to be patient enough with it, I would think that if length gains were your only concern you could get away with using an ADS exclusively. When subjected to a constant tension the body has no choice but to create more cells, otherwise fat people would explode.

I think one of my hesitations was that I tried jelqing and stretches about a month or two back and I kind of hurt myself a bit. I think it was the way I was stretching. I got this pain right below my glans, internally. I think it was because I kinked it at that point when I was pulling on it. It’s really hard to get an even amount of circumferential pressure with using just your hand. So I think it was just the way I gripped it. Anyway, my idea was that by using the right tool, I could achieve a regular, uniform, and evenly distributed pull on my dick. I still think that’s the case to a degree - and I think we will eventually come up with tools that rival even the most skilled hands, but for now I imagine those tools don’t quite exist yet. Anyway, I’ll just have to get a bit more skilled with my manual technique - since it seems to be working so well for all of you.