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My Second Go At Manual Stretching and I'm Failing Miserably

My Second Go At Manual Stretching and I'm Failing Miserably

I started PE in december of 2012, I started with the newbie manual stretching routine for 5 minutes a day. I slowly increased the amount of sets over the next 3 months and gained a half inch of erect length. I then switched to fulcrum stretching and gained another half inch of erect length 3 months after that. I was incredibly consistent and meticulous about my PE. I took notes, listened to my body, did research, and made gains.

Now 3 years later I’m back doing manual stretching, looking to gain another inch at least. I’ve been stretching consistently for the past 5 months and have had ZERO gains. Since september I have been back in the game, making sure to stretch 4 times a week. Mainly fulcrum stretching with some non fulcrum manual stretches thrown in. I’m consistent, i’m doing solid routines, yet I’m not seeing any of the PIs I saw last time I was stretching. (the only PI i see is good EQ).

I’m not sure how to fix this problem and i’m losing hope. I always believed that as long as you were consistent with manual stretches you would see some type of gains, yet i’ve been pulling on my penis every other day for the past 5 months and havent seen any type of length change.

Any advice on how to trouble shoot this problem?

Do you heat before and during?

Of course many possibilities why and what now .. ;)
Its also possible that you took all gains that are possible from the routine you do.
Consistent in investing energy yes, but in some cases also switching things up to give a new push to the tissues from a different angle.
If you shoot for length and dont see BPFSL increases then you have to tweak your routine.
Maybe some low erection jelqs. Or bundled stretches BTC ..
Maybe you need more intensity. Some venture into hanging, which is of course hardcore ;) .

So I would try some tweaks and monitor PI ‘s and BPFSL.


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