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My ruler reaches deeper after a mounth

My ruler reaches deeper after a mounth

I’ve been peeing for a mounth quite religiously,after this routine:
(5 days on/2 off)
5min hot wrap

Stretches: outward,downward,upward, left, wright (each 1 min with 10 sec breaks)
30 sec break for circulation
then repeat all of the above stretches
(one week I have added diagonals 2 sets,probably the third week,but just that week)
Light massaging of the ligs 30 sec (in a circular motion)

Health & circulation exercice(1 min)

Jelqing first week 20min (overdoing it,negative phisical factor),dropped to 10-15 (sec week),went to 20 min and stayed the same…4-5min (per jelq session) jelq slow 80% hard and keeping the glans engorged for 15 sec wery carefull,the rest o the jelq i was adjusting the speed of the jelq and the sqeezing to the erect level

Massaging the ligs again 30 sec,massage of the CC,CS (to minimize discoloration) in an outward & inward manner for 1 min

Another 5 min wrap

And now the most important thing…Ive got good gains from what i’ve seen arround here 0.6 inches in bpel.It keeps me hooked because I know that these gains are temporary.

So let me get to the point, now after a mounth when i’m measuring I seem to reach deeper with the ruler in the fat pad(to push harder the ligs), and no I haven’t gained weight,the scaler says I have lost weight….Have anyone experienced this?The fundiform & suspensory ligament are the ones responsable for this so tricking me (us) when we take bpel measurements?

Thanks in advance for your answers,

P.S:Sorry for my bad english and grammar but i’m very tired at this hour..

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Hey trutulescu

I have wondered if some proportion of my gains have come from being able to force the ruler futher down the more I measure.

It’s possible I suppose. But I doubt very much that anywhere near all .6 inches would have been from the phenomenon of being able to push further into the ligs.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by being tricked by ligaments, and why you come to this conclusion so quickly. Spontaneously I’d say that you seem to have a good routine executed with the necessary regularity and caution, and I get the impression you are listening to responses from your body. That is good. I’d stay away from jelqing at too high erection levels for another month or so, no manual clamping or anything just the basic newbie exercises to get your penis safely conditioned and to learn how it responds to training.

Good luck and don’t think too much about the measuring problems. The general advice is to measure once a month at the most, as long as you try to measure in the same way under similar circumstances it can be a motivator for your efforts. I have been discouraged at times by what the ruler says, over time the trend is clear though.

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