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My Routine

My Routine

This is what I’ve started doing for PE. I’m hoping to get some feedback on my excercise and whether or not what I’m doing is good or bad.

First I put on some soft music or sometimes techno.
I warm up by using a glass cup and hot water that I dunk my dong into.
I fill it back up with hotter water when it doesn’t feel warm anymore.
And I do this for about 30 minutes.

Next I Jelq about 200 times semi erect with a small pause inbetween each 100.

Afterwards I do a sitting technique. I basically place my dong inbetween my legs so that it is under myself and then sit on it for about 5 or 10 minutes.

Then I do a warm down in the same way for about 30 minutes.

I do this about 4 times a week.

I’ve been doing this for only about 2 weeks so far. I notice soreness and my flaccid state seems to have grown at times durring the day. My erection might have increased slightly in girth but I am uncertain.

Basically no clear gains have been made, which is fine. I’ve only been doing this for 2 weeks.

I just would like to know if this is a descent excercise. I’m trying to be as safe as possible to avoid the risks involved. I just relax and enjoy the excercise.

I feel like it is working slightly or that this does have potential to cause some gains in the future. I think it will mostly add to girth if I were to assume. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Oh yeah and I’m new here Hello! :)

My penis is about 7 inches erect right now, but I enjoy the excersice and would enjoy some extra girth and maybe some length too.

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I think that 200 jelqs is too much for someone who’s just starting. I would start with 50-100, and add ~10 per week until you reach 200. I would also incorporate stretching. Basically, do the newbie routine. Also, don’t expect to start seeing real gains yet. I didn’t post any gains at all (beyond improved EQ) for over a month, then I got a few months of newbie gains. Some people report immediate gains, but for most, there is a delay between starting PE and seeing growth (often people don’t see gains for the first 3 months). Go slow, be patient, and focus both on getting improved EQ and learning how your dick responds to PE.

Starting (May 2010): BPEL:6" EG: 4 7/8". Current (April 2011): BPEL: 6 3/4" EG: 5 1/4".

Short Term Goal: BPEL: 7" EG: 5.25" Long Term Goal: When my wife makes me stop or 8"x6" (whichever comes first)

A few years ago when I first head about this, I was doing like 500 jelqs at a time. I think I’m fortunate not to have caused any permanent damage.. I did that on and off for a few months.

I will definitely reduce the total to 100 and add some stretching.

There’s a lot that your dick can take when it is conditioned. There was a time where I was doing 900 jelqs per session. You can up the ante when you feel you are ready.

On a side note, I hate you! All of you damn newbies starting with nice sizes already. I’m just kidding of course, but when I started, I was under 6 inches long. I just wish that I had had more to work with.

Is it possible to see gains just using this routine? With just 200 Jelqs and a fowfer stretch for 10 minutes?

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