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My routine

My routine

Here is my PE routine that I have setup:
5 minutes warmup re-usable hot compress pack. The one with the blue gel inside.
5 minutes stretch. 30 second stretches. Pull to straight away from the body, down towards the floor, up towards my chest, and left and right. I also do the V-stretch
10 min jelq. Just normal jelqing at 85% erection level. Grabbing as far down on the shaft as I can to discourage baseball bat shape.
5 min isometrics. I’m having trouble keeping my erection at 100% even while watching porn and doing this exercise.
5 min wamdown/cooldown. Warm down with the same compress pack. It’s not as hot/warm as before.
Kegels throughout the day.

MY questions:
Should I stretch longer, like 10 minutes?
I am hard at the beginning of the isometrics, but then about 10seconds into the hold I am not 100% hard anymore. How can I keep my erection at 100% while doing this?
Should my warm down be hotter? The compress pack is warmer than body temperature but not by much.
Also, what is edging? A few people have mentioned it in some threads and I have no idea what it is.

V-Stretches are when you stretch it straight out and then press down on the top portion of your shaft to bend your penis into a V, right? This is supposed to help the tunica right?
How does an A-Stretch differ from the V-Stretch?

Hi there, jung. How long have you been doing PE for exactly? I have yet to incorporate isometrics into my own routine so I’m not sure what to tell you there. I believe edging is basically masturbation without the ejaculation. You’re getting yourself almost to the “point of no return” or the “edge” if you will. As for A’s and V’s, I have yet to do those yet either but there are some videos you should take a look at if you haven’t already. Http:// Good luck

Thanks, for the link moto.

I have done PE before, but stopped for a long time. I am just getting back into it right now. Maybe I should hold off on the isometrics for now and maybe replace it with erect kegels or something else.

Any more input?

If you are just coming back, your best bet is to begin back at the newbie routine, since it contains all the ingredients for success, conditioning, and getting to know how your member will react now.

I stopped for 4 years since I had a lot of things going on in my life, came back 6 weeks ago, and simply started the newbie routine. I am now up to 15 minute stretches, 1 minute holds, and 15 minute 3-second jelqing, and I have seen a quarter inch ‘consistent’ gain. No need to get fancy as of yet. :)

Thanks for the input. I will take note of that and just do the normal newbie stuff.

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