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My routine, My gains, Your advice

My routine, My gains, Your advice

I started doing PE workouts consistently in November 08 and did basic jelqs for 10-15 minutes each day for about three months. 2 Weeks ago though I laid out this everyday plan:

5 minutes hot water dunk (I fill up a mug of hot water. It’s a lot easier than the wraps.)
5 minutes BTC stretch
5 minutes of the slinky exercise
5 minutes of 60-70% jelq
5 minutes BTC stretch
5 minutes hot water dunk (New water.)

In addition, I’ve started a running schedule to eliminate the fat pad. Every little bit counts.

I think I’ve made some fair gains. I measure BPEL and 3 girth measurements, one at the very base, one an inch below my scar, and one a half inch under the head. Respectively I started out at
7.25, 4.75, 4.5, 4.5 And at the end of two weeks:
7.5, 5, 4.75, 4 11/16

Since I am concentrating on girth rather than length, I’m looking for changes to the routine to better focus on that. The slinky maneuver, while it appears to be effective, doesn’t feel good when I’m doing it, and I’d love to find an alternative. Any ideas?

My current goal is 7.75” BPEL and 5” MEG.

You don’t like jelqing? Plenty of people have made gains from jelqing, and you get the added bonus of a healthier penis. It also helps to get you ready for more advanced exercises later on.

Current size: 7 Bpel x 5.125 Eg. Goal: More girth.

I like the Jelq, I don’t like the slinky. I may just do the 10 minutes of jelq.

But what other girth intensive exercises are there?

Squeezes are probably the best ones to be doing. Especially early on in the process. I do lots of those, and I’ve already noticed a gain in girth [Flaccid, I’ve noticed that my head of my penis is about the same girth now as my penis.. Which I like :) ]

Second Attempt:

Starting [July 19th, 2013]: BPEL: 6.00" MSEG: 4.50" BPFL: 4.00" FG: 4.00"

Goal: BPEL: 7.00" MSEG: 5.5" FL: 4.00"

Do not do the slinky, or anything else that feels bad. Slinky’s in my opinion you are nowhere near ready for. Jelqs, Ulis, Sadsak Head girth, after some time doing those try out some horse 440’s. You could also try high erection jelqing.

With everything monitor your PI’s, if you try those out do not add all at once try them out and see how they feel. DO NOT KEEP GOING IF IT FEELS BAD, stop immediately because if it feels bad it is bad.

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Progress Log

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