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My routine=gains

My routine=gains

My routine.

20 min warm up with the red autoxleeve stretching up (tied around my neck), with a rice sock around the unit.
10 min V stretch
90 jelq strokes (5-8 sec strokes)
30 v jelq strokes (5-10 sec strokes)
(I like to do 30 jelqs, then 10 v Jelqs and then repeat 3 times)
20 - 30 min edging with squeezes and jelqs each 4 min.

Wear the autoxleeve for a few hours each day

What has this routine given me?
- A larger erect penis (6,5 x 4,75 NBPEL —> 7 x 5 NBEL - in two months)
- A larger flaccid penis
- Bigger bulge in my pants.
- Better sex
- Better EQ
- Confidence.

Summer 2011 - 8 NBPEL x 6 EG?

(I was 6.8 NBPEL a year ago, but I have put on some weight (20 kilos/44 pounds), due to adding more muscles and fat (I’m natural). I’m starting on a diet to get my six pack in January, I’m excited to see if this ads more to the NBPEL)

Nice gains man. I want all those things listed in what the routine has given you haha.

Interesting routine. I am sold on edging as of a month ago..

Good luck on the goal.


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