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My routine, Gains only in length, no gains in girth.

My routine, Gains only in length, no gains in girth.

I have read the various theories posted on this website and have been a lurker for at least a year. I have read the LOT Theory and have determined that I should stretch at higher angles because I have a very low lot 7-8. I also have red the TCG theory about limiting factors, smooth muscle or tunica, I have determined that I am limited by the Tunica.

I tried the basic newbie routine for around 4months and had maybe 1/4” length gain. Then I decided to up it into some light hanging for the past 2 months, no more than 6lbs for 10 min for 4 sets. I Had some lig pain and eased off of the hanging and all PE for about a month. I have gained 3/4” in length since beginning hanging, which I can’t really say is from ligs or not, due to my very low LOT. My penis is on the thin side being 4” mid shaft and 4 3/4” at the base. But length seems to come easy for me so far. Honestly girth exercises scare the crap out of me and I do not think I apply as much pressure as I should to see gains.

So my routine is 5-10 min of hot rice sock for warm up whilst stretching at various angles.

Hang for around 40 min combined hang time and rest is more like 90min.

Then light dry jelq for 10 min, with some squeezes thrown in there.

I am going to continue this routine until I no longer have results or reach my goal length of 7.5” NBPEL. Currently 6 1/4” NBPEL started at 5 1/2” NBPEL

Still waiting for some girth gains, I have EQ of 9-10.

Oh and my girth when semi erect is about half an inch bigger than when I’m erect, which is weird to me. Anyone else this way too?

Your lenght is very good. I thin your priority should be girth. LOT, you can forget that. If you are scared by girth exercises, don’t know, you could try pumping at low pressure, pumping is even recommended by some Docs to people who suffer of ED.

You don’t think I should first try to get my length goal then go for girth, or just do a more focused girth routine?

If your lenght comes easy, then probably lenght will come even with a girth-focused routine. You at 4” midshaft, this is under average; you are 61/4” NBPEL, this is about 10% longer than average. If you manage to reach 7.5” NBPEL (which is ridicolously big) in say 3 years, than another 3 years to reach 5” girth (assuming you don’t want a long pencil dick), you have lost some years you could spend in a more enjoyable/profitable way, if it is clear what I mean.

I see your point, I was hoping girth would come along with length but it does not seem to be working that way. I think I may try like you suggest and switch to a more girth oriented routine. Haha, yeah the pencil dick thing is true, it already seems that way. Thanks for the input.

I have to say, I’m a little jealous. I wish length would happen for me as easily. Maybe I should start hanging.

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