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My routine - first post.

My routine - first post.

Hi all. I just started about 1 week ago, this is my routine:

10 minute hot towel wrap
10 minute stretching
150 jelqs with lube, about 3-4 seconds each
100 kegels with 1 second hold
25 kegels with 5 second hold
10 minute hot towel wrap

I plan to do this for a month and then increase the numbers each month

I’ve already noticed harder erections and my ability to ‘shoot’ has seemed to double! Pretty optimistic so far.

I have the tendency to masturbate after the kegels.. Does it matter?

Any tips on stretching?

Oh BTW I have previously done some PE so I didnt go with the newbie routine.. Maybe I’m working too hard to ‘start’ again though

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No matter.

You can reduce your hot towel wrap time. I only takes minutes to heat a cock through.



Oh forgot to say I’m doing this 5 days a week

Welcome piratetime.

You should probably do a 2on 1off instead of a 5on routine at least for the time being so that you don’t risk overworking your dick.

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Other then doing this 5 times a week is this a good routine? I am thinking about adopting something like this?

When the erection quality is less than 100%, it is an indicator. By this indicator you need to take a few days rest from PE. So having improved erection is a positive PI.

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Originally Posted by piratetime
Oh BTW I have previously done some PE so I didn’t go with the newbie routine.

When was this? If it was more then a month before you started this routine, I say you should start with the Newbie Routine again. Maybe back off the jelqs a bit and take it a little easier. You should really be on a 2 on 1 off routine in my opinion. Most people don’t gain because they don’t PE the way they’re supposed to. Most people grip to hard when jelqing or pull to hard when stretching. Take some time to read around a bit, including the thread below.

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