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My routine. Comments welcome

My routine. Comments welcome

Though I’d already described it in a previous post, this is my workout routine in more detail. I have been PE-ing for about 10 months now and, after much experimenting, going about it carefully so I wouldn’t do something wrong, this is what I’ve come up with. Note that I’m now 7.5” in length and with circumference of 4.5 to 5”. My goal is not length as much as girth, but I expect growth there, too. So, this is it:

1. Wet cloth warm up

2. Simple stretches: down (center, left, right)
Straight (center, left, right)
Up (center, left, right)
I do 10 pulls in each direction, rest, then 2 more sets. During the rest, I do 50 kegels. The idea of kegeling between sets came from fitness workout: ligs warm up and stretch more easily after the muscles have worked.

3. The Sadsak slinky (now, I haven’t seen the video, so I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but from the soreness I feel after, can’t be too wrong. What I do is more like a full length v-stretch in all 4 directions, 5 minutes each.)

4. Warm, wet cloth (this is to relax the tissue a little after the stretches; depending on how I feel, this can come before the slinky)

5. Jelq around 25 minutes (during jelqing, I include 440’s and bent jelqing)

6. Erect bending (squeeze the bottom while 70-80% erect and bend up, down, left and right, holding each position for about a minute; after all the previous workout, you don’t need more than 1, eventually 2 sets)

7. Wet cloth cool down

This is my routine. If anyone has any advice or comment – feel free. If you like it, also feel free to try it out. Thanks.

Careful with erect bending - your penis is not supposed to be really erect when you blend it.

How have been your gains?

I am careful with bent stretches. I do it just enough to feel the stretch and that workout soreness. As for my gains, I can’t tell. I haven’t measured when I started PEing. I didn’t gain much, since I have periods of about a week or two when I simply don’t find the time, or I’m not alone, but I have noticed the difference in my hand. For now, I enjoy the fact that my erection is stronger.

Just saw the slinky video. He he, what I thought was erect bending was the Sadsak slinky. No wonder it stratched my shaft so much. Back to the drawing board. Let you know what happens in a few days


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