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My Routine along with experiences so far

My Routine along with experiences so far

Well I did the newbie route for awhile.Maybe 8months, sort of on and off, sometimes taking to much time off. Anyway for the past 3 months I’ve been dedicated, don’t really think I’ve jelqed exactly right and not stretched much, was basically relying on 200 light jelqs without much pressure and not very hard. Anyway I’ve stepped up my routine and am now doing:

1)warmup in the bath for like 5 mins

2)use a conditioner(certain ones are best and don’t dry up) then do 20 jelqs with high erection level and squeezing the sides quite tight (I used to squeeze the bottom most and noticed it grew where as the sides width didn’t as much)

3)Then a horse squeeze/horse 440’s which I’m having abit of trouble with, my unit is so full that when I start to squeeze the head I really have trouble moving the blood out, anyway I’m managing. Also I sometimes do a pumped bend after my unit goes flacid after the horse squeeze and may start the Sadsak slinky soon

4)Repeat steps 2 and 3 till 200 jelqs and 10 horse squeezes are done.

5)Dry off and go do a BTC stretch for 5minutes(Usually I have to let go every 1 minute or 2 and switch hands which is fine just make sure the total stretch time is 5 minutes and towards the end stretch alittle harder if comfortable)

6)Do a variety of V and Inverted V stretches at around 5points penis, so like the whole shaft is stretched. I’m tending to do more Inverted V stretches though as I believe according to the LOT theory I need to stretch my tunica more than the other ligaments and I believe Inverted V stretches do this.

7)Repeat steps 5 and 6.

8)Occasionally finish off with a Fowfer.well now I know fully how to do them which I hear can be a good warm down.

I may soon move into clamping. I’ve seen on a thread where someone uses a cloth, I just need to find a suitable one. Due to privacy reasons I can’t really have anything you know obvious like a mechanical device ordered from online. So gotta do this manual stretching, hard jelqing and discrete things for awhile long. Still plenty of time to get a perfect dick. I do regret not measuring my dick exactly right before I started. I believe I was alittle under 6x4.7-5 now I’m about 6.3inchesx4.8-5 so have gained abit. My aim still is 7x5.5 which I feel is realistic. If I get to this and have the time etc needed I will try to get as big as possible.Would probably stop at 9x6 though but who knows in a few years my ideal will have changed.

Well comment please and thank you for reading!

All these views and no one comments even after I specifically asked!! Haha seriously is there anything I should be adding in? I think it’s a pretty solid routine but I dont commit to the stretches enough.

The trouble is, Your routine is too complicated. It is very difficult to guage whether one exercise will add to or diminsh another. So people here can’t give you advice..

But your comment you want to clamp is a bit too early. I would think

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