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My reasons for PE.


I sort of knew the thing women say about size not mattering was rubbish because one of my friends, who was 26, was constantly going on about how important her boyfriends cock was. She said it was like a baby clutching an apple, and if she ever wondered why she was with him she just fucked him and that was the answer.

I just didn’t think it was as important and it has turned out to be.

As a side note this girl fell for me as well, but I wasn’t willing to do anything with her whilst she was with her boyfriend, and she wasn’t willing to leave him unless she knew it was going somewhere, catch 22 situation. She dragged it out long enough though, because she kept getting drunk and calling me and rambling on about her feelings for me.

Hey there...

Hey man. I’m sure the vast majority of guys on this site have been in that situation before- if not all of them have.

The story like this is almost a “show us your battle scar” type thing. It’s almost a ritual in itself… kind of like those meetings where you sit around with a group of people and say “Hello, my name is _____ and I _(list your problem)_. “

My story happened way back in 2002, and even though the words weren’t said directly to me, they hit very close to home. Then two years later it happened to me again- same thing (indirectly said to me), only this was with my PE gained penis!

Here’s a thread I want you to read: Preston from Bang Bros

It’s fairly recent (only a few days old), and talks about this pornstar’s penis. It’s not even 8” long, but has thick girth and a small glans. This gives it an appearance of a larger dick than it really is. Don’t get me wrong- it’s still a great size though. The point is- it’s not this fictional 10” death rod. It’s roughly size that quite a few people on this site have ended up with. So you may want to give it a read.

Start up a good routine and stick with it. If you are not feeling a good stretch with stretching- then try another type of stretch. If you are not feeling pumped while jelqing, then do them slower and add maybe 50 more jelqs.

Hopefully one day you will have your sweet revenge and post about it on this site. Good luck!

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