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My reasoning on length vs. girth gains.

My reasoning on length vs. girth gains.

I’m posting here as I cannot post elsewhere due to my minimal amount of posts.

My personal PE credentials are that I have been PE’ing for about thirty years, almost exclusively manual work.

I read many posts from people, particularly people in the early stages of PE, that either want length, or girth, or both. The way I now see it after many many years, is that the two are completely inter related and that one is dependant on the other. I see far less of these posts from people who have put in the time and effort, and have sat back over many years and watched as the gains come in. It’s a bit like having a pension, the gains and worth take a long time to come, but when they start arriving, you look back on the hardship and realise the toil one has put in has finally paid off.

A while back, there was a post on the make up of the layers of fibrous (?) muscle layers that surround/make up the tunica. To my amazement, it was stated that in reality they are laid across each other at an angle, as opposed to completely radially or longitudinally. Now this has a drastic knock on. If we can forget about the rest of the penis, and just concentrate for a minute on this fact, we can see that if the penis is stretched way out of shape lengthwise, it will become narrower, and shorter begets wider. We have to stretch far more than seems reasonable before we even get close to a full lengthwise “pull” on these layers. The same is true for girth. We have to somehow put huge tangential force into the layers before we even begin to work them and see an increase in girth. This is because all the while the angled cross-over alignment of the layers fights against us.
So let’s move forward a step- enormous over stretching lengthwise (by however method) will give us a little more length, and when relaxed to a more normal erection one also gets more girth. Extreme girth work will similarly as a by product, ultimately give us more length when a more normal state of erection is returned to. Conclusion, you cannot work on easily work on both in a completely independent manner.
For myself, this is the reason I can see why extreme manuals have a great effect. Properly performed fulcrums and compressions are going to give great expansion because with fulcrums at 70-ish percent, both directions of tangential force on the layers are being “locked out” before one starts to work on length expansion with high volume and high pressure. For girth, with serious compression work, although any length component obviously appears to be absent, that stretching pressure it is in fact converted to a force that runs tangentially around the outer ring of force build up- i.e. where the point of maximum girth occurs.

Now a further thought- a woman’s vagina must have similar “layers” at work. when relaxed the layers must lie a little like they would in our flaccid penis. When aroused, although there is more available “space,” the vagina would seem to be able to accept a good length, or a good girth, but rarely can they wholly accept both without extreme discomfort. (watch extremely large penis porn for verification of this.) It’s really far more to do with the volume of the penis. Moving on a step further, it has been said to death that a woman’s vagina can accept any size penis as a baby can pass through it- well yes, but… When a woman is giving birth, the entire vagina must be compressed downwards, it becomes very short maybe 2-3 inches, but very wide and open, in effect having the eye watering tangential stretch that remember I talked about earlier? Of course at this point, hormones have “tuned” the muscles for childbirth, so although it must be incredibly painful, it is indeed designed to work this way. As the penis and vagina start out as basically the same tissues, then maybe we should think a little differently as to what we do, and how we expect our positive results to occur.
Since tuning in to the “crossed layers” way of viewing my penis, growth has been quite marked. I would now see it as virtually impossible that one could purely get either length or girth as a result of PE.
It took me some time to decide to share my thoughts with you guys. My reason for doing so was to try and ease the feelings of newbies who do find it difficult to understand just why things happen, (or don’t,) and to explain again that time and dedication are the be all and end all of PE.

We tend to think geometrically in 90 degree angles. Having played this game for 10 years I’ve found that vaginas don’t care about that. That it is volume of raw objects inserted that cause strain. Girth and length cause tearing once a volume limit is exceeded. That is fact. But I beat a dead horse with this statement (literally just explained this concept in another thread in detail) but there is no point.

You pose salient points in your post and maybe others can learn from it as well

Now: 9.13" BPEL x 6.375" MSEG as of 5/10/2019 This is my story, a few progress pics of me here, and all my methods.

Then: 6.25" x 4.37" in 8/2009 Are you new to PE? Here's some advice I wish someone had given me when I first started.

My current hanging project and balls enhancement project. There is no "Holy Grail" of Penis Enlargement. Only time and effort works. I'm *9* years in and counting. All you have to do is put the work in and keep the faith.

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