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My project

My project

Hi everybody, see below my 1 year project

First step (3 or 4 months long)
- Warm wrap, strecthing, warm wrap, jelq. Increasing the time of strecthing and jelq gradually

Second step (more 3 or 4 months long)
- Routine above in the morning plus a hanging routine at night (increasing the time of hanging gradually too)

First and second steps focused in lenght gains
Started (Jan, 20, 2008): bpel=14,0cm ; eg=11cm
Current (first measurement in Feb, 20, 2008): bpel=14,5cm ; eg=11,4cm
Goal (8 months of PE): bpel=17,5cm ; eg=I don´t care.

Third step (the time necessary to achieve my goal, I´m thinking about 4 months more)
- Routine of first step (strecth and jelq) plus a clamping routine at night

Goal: bpel=17,5cm ; eg=14cm

What do you think about this project? Is it too hard to add hanging and clamping with jelq?

Good gains for you guys!

I like the gradualness of your routine; adding things after you have become conditioned enough to handle them, without injuring yourself.

Clamping mildly at first, after you have become conditioned, probably won’t be a problem. Can’t speak for hanging, but the hangers here will chime in.

Good luck with this, and keep us posted.



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