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My Progress

My Progress

I have been doing PE about a mouth now and already I have grow about an inch. I am now about 7.25 inches. I am hopeing to be around 9 and that would be great if anyone has any tips for me they would be greatly appreached.


Congrats on your gains! I’d give you tips, but I’m a newbie myself lol.just finished my 5th day.

Keep it up.err, the gains, that is :)

Started 14-Feb-05 BPFL = 4" BPEL = 6.5" EG = 4 1/2"

Good Gains.

What is your normal routine Jimmy?

And What we’re your initial measurements, if you don’t mind ^_^

God man,good gains I thought I got good gains in a month start-bpel 7=now 7.4 start eg 5.4=now 5.6 youv gained fast well done.


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