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My progress

My progress


Well I’ve just recently started to post, but have been reading about pe for years. I’m 27 and It was about 9 years ago that I started reading about pe. About maybe 7 on this site. I would read up on everything, and just basically wish my cock was bigger. At some points I would do the jelqing but never got into it. My cock never seemed to get above 5.2 inches erect, but I’m 5’7” so it was pretty proportional for me. Also, I never had a clean diet, or exercised good, and smoked for years, plus a period of anti-depressants. Fast forward, for about the last year I exercise 5 times a week, and eat very healthy. I think just quitting smoking in the last year increased my erection size. I’m very familiar with the routines, but only have just begun to really do it like a routine. Thats the way I am feast or famine. I think I’ve been doing the newbie routine, and some ads usage for about a month to 5 weeks. I also masturbate with a cock ring. I’m pretty anal about measuring when I do it I want it to be right. Over the years when I’d get motivated and say time to PE I’d get bored of it after a 2-3 weeks since I didn’t so progress. But now I’ve measured and to my surprise it seems that I’m growing. I could kind of tell too. I think maybe it is working since I’m going at it pretty hard, but resting, looking at all the positive/negative pi indicators, and I’m overall a healthy guy. Possibly this last measurement was a little inflated since I had used a cock ring and masturbated, but the last measurement was about 10minutes after I took it. All the other ones were normal. I realize that the growth won’t continue at this rapid speed but did I really just grow from about 5.5 when I started to around 6inch in a month!

Also, I’m more of a reader, so when I post sometimes it is short. Like most of you guys, career, significant others, hobbies,etc can make it difficult to get a routine in let alone write long posts. But I wanted to thank you guys out there, I would have never continued if it wasn’t for this site.


5.625 x 5.5


5.75 x 5.5

Awesome, congratulations on the gains!!

I look at PE (like exercise and diet) more as a lifestyle shift rather than a project, there’s no need to rush at it. Just remain consistent and stay in it for the long haul.

I would encourage measuring less frequently, I do every three months. That way when you gain it is very noticeable. But, do whatever works for you to keep you motivated.

Going from 5.2 to 6.125 is a great gain for a year, keep it up.

Started ... Dec 2010: 6.25in BPEL, 5.75in MEG

Current ... Jan 2012: 6.9in BPEL, 6.0in MEG

Goal ... whenever: 8.0in BPEL, 6.25in MEG ** With great penis comes great responsibility **


I’m not trying to rush it at all, just excited about the gains.

Congrats Tony! Just another example that “clean living and healthy exercise” leads to good gains.

Keep up the work man!

Starting Size: BPEL: 5.9" X MSEG: 5.125" NBPEL: 5.0" (2/1/2010)

Current Size: BPEL: 6.5" X MSEG: 5.50" BSEG: 6.0" NBPEL: 5.875

Future: BPEL: 8.0" X MSEG: 6.0" BSEG: 6.5" NBPEL: 7.75" (How ever long it takes to reach my belly button!)

Thanks mustang. Oh wow you went from 5.9 to 6.5 thats awesome.

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