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I can’t see how such a piercing would produce pleasure. Doesn’t the piercing damage sensitive nerves?

How long does this type of piercing take to heal? I imagine your sex life would be non-existant for quite some time.


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A great deal of pleasure results from this piercing as it stimulates the most sensitive part of the glans through contact with clothing, walking, pulling or tugging (any sort of manipulation). There is no actual damage to any nerves, as far as I can tell. The ring exits off to one side of the frenulum, not through it.

The piercing itself is nearly painless, as there is only about 1/16 inch of tissue in that spot to pierce through (less than an earlobe).

This is one of the most common piercings for men, and also takes the shortest time to heal. Masturbation (with care) is possible after just a few days, sex (with a condom) is possible after two or three weeks, and the piercing is completely healed in about 5 or 6 weeks.

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Only 1/16” :eek:

I would be very scared of it catching…

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Hello Vktor -

Best wishes for you and your new piercing.

First, I’d recommend giving the PA plenty of time to heal before subjecting it to any sort
Of stress. Even though the nature of the tissues in the area lead to quicker healing than most piercings that usually take 3 to 6 months to heal, it might be several months before it’s really ready. Wait until “crusties” are completely gone, the ring turns freely and maybe starts to get just a little loose, and there have been no problems for several weeks - the fistula, or internal skin tunnel, needs to be completely formed, and healed to the point of being quite robust.

Secondly, I’d recommend against hanging any real weight from a PA. The nature of the tissues in the area is also to stretch quite readily, and a normal piercing ring of less than an ounce in weight may slowly stretch the piercing to larger sizes on it’s own, though part of the stretching effect also comes from inevitable moving and twisting of the piercing. I think that any additional weight is more likely to lead to an undesirably stretched piercing rather than any real PE gain - PE requires pounds, not ounces, at least not unless you’re willing to experiment on a time scale of a decade or more. A few extremists will go to really large gauge piercings, like 2 gauge or about .5”, which of themselves will weigh a fair bit and would probably also support asome weight, but that’s a whole other ballgame where peeing - and problably sex, too - becomes a real logistical problem.

In my experience, I think a PA ring can at least provide just enough weight at the end of the penis to provide some tug to possibly reduce “turtling” and improve flacid hang. Laying my flacid member on a scale, I get a very rough measurement of about 1.5 ounces, while a good sized 4 gauge ring weighs about half an ounce, which would provide a fair bit of additional downward pull at the end of the penis. I think there can also be an ongoing level of low stimulation that results in slight enlargement.

Personally, I started off quite a few years ago with a frenum piercing just behind the glans, which is typically fitted with a short barbell. However, it also allows me to wear a “frenum loop”, or a ring behind my (circumsized) glans secured by the piercing. A ring there is a much larger diameter than is suitable for a PA piercing, and so about twice the weight, and also puts all it’s weight on the ridge of the glans so that the piercing itself isn’t stretched excessively. I’d had the idea early on that wearing enough weight might provide some stretching over an extended period of time. This is more like the effect of what I now see here is done with golf club weights, and I have actually tried experimenting a bit with stacking multiple rings, though I’ve had trouble getting rings sized exactly right to work comfortably and not pinch the skin where the first ring goes through the frenulum. I’ve also for several years now had a second frenum piercing that might allow me to more comfortably mount an additional ring if I can figure out how to size it just right so that it isn’t too loose when I’m flacid or too tight when I’m erect. It’s still only a matter of a couple of ounces at best, thought that would be continual and long-term. I was going to get back to experimenting more with weight on the frenum piercings about the time I found out about PE, and right now I plan to focus on the more typical methods here. One possibility for me is that in the long run as maintenance, I may work to fit and wear frenum rings to provide some continual pull to cement PE gains. It also occurs to me that I may go back to wearing a frenum ring on PE days off to keep up a bit of pull. The frenum loop also has the potential aesthetic advantage of making the head of the penis appear larger and more prominent under clothing or sports wear, contributing to a better looking “package”. And the frenum loop can add interesting sensations to sex, particularly for the receiving partner.

As far as advantages for sex, piercings generally add interesting new sensations for both partners, not necessarily seismic, but providing some variety and spice, like “ticklers” or ribbed condoms. I’ve found that my PA can make me more aware of the head of my penis during sex, in a very pleasant way. One thing to keep in mind, is that typically with piercings, sensitivity may decrease over time. However, especially with a PA, and again given the unusual nature of the tissues there, once well healed the piercing should be able to be removed and left out, with only minor shrinkage but not closing of the piercing site, and then re-inserted when desired (use of a piercing taper and lubricant may be required) for a fresh level of sensitivity. For the female partner, male piercings that are placed or used in sex positions where they directly stimulate the g-spot, can approach more “seismic” levels in their effects. Also, for piercing for females themselves, properly placed clitoral hood piercings - there are several configurations dependent on anatomy - can provide enough stimulation to significantly enhance orgasmic capability during penetrative sex.

There’s also the “I do it for me aspect” of piercing, often ascribed to PE in general here. It can be fun to have the ongoing reminder of something special going on “down there”, and occasionally may provide a topic of conversation in the right contexts.


P.s. It used to be the case that standard stainless steel piercing jewelry - which isn’t magnetic - wasn’t detected by metal detectors, at least not unless it was rather large, though I think that has changed with the latest versions of security technology. There is the readily available option of titanium jewelry, which is lighter in weight and so in some situations more comfortable or less prone to causing piercings to stretch - also available in fashionable colors - and which may be the most prudent choice for travel or visits to public venues nowadays.

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