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My penis shrinks minutes after jelq session


With that simple answer, you will miss all the other wisdom in the other posts, regarding techniques, and precautions, you really should check them out.

I think I did check a lot of it out. But there are conflicting opinions on this. For example, Westla always says that it’s not a problem if you masturbate after a workout even though a penis will shrink after ejaculating. He says it doesn’t matter. As I see it, this conflicts your opinion that we should try to keep the penis in a well hung state after a workout. Or not?

ynarevith also wrote on this very topic that his penis also shrinks after the workout and that it’s completely normal.

Nemanja, I think that my situation concerning jelqing is close to yours. When I first tried jelqing, I had got the technique from a pay site (I got it for free but still it came from there). This technique said I had to be erect to jelq. At this time, I was having a little bit of ED issues (I had trouble getting very hard without stimulating myself to the point where ejaculation was inevitable). So I tried jelqing this way for a few weeks with very bad results. No gains and even worst, my problem of being unable to achieve a fairly good erection without a lot of stimulation got worst. So I stopped PEing for about a month.

Then I found Thunder’s and decided to give another shot at PE. This time though, I tried an other approach to jelqing: no extra stimulation. I just start with a flaccid dick (very flaccid since I do stretches before jelqs) jelq without any expectation regarding the erection level I reach. I just jelq and kegel to try to pump up my dick gradually. If it gets pretty hard, all right, if it stays soft, all right too. I jelq for half an hour this ways, changing speed and the positioning of my hands. I often jelq almost totally flaccid (except that I get some pump from jelqing). For me this was the solution. I gained both length and girth and better than that, I improved my “erectile/ejaculatory” condition a lot. Now I have a bigger dick, I’m harder, I last longer…in other words, I’m happier.

All this to say that jelqing at low levels of erection CAN MAKE YOU GAIN both length and girth.

I wrote all that and missed my point. What I wanted to say is that when I jelqed with the first technique, my dick was never pumped up after a workout. It was small and felt “weak”. With the other technique, my post workout dick is huge. It is all pumped up and stays like that for the rest of the day.

Thank you powpow, I’ll try that tomorrow, it sounds interesting. What do others say to all this?

Well, powpow I tried this jelqing while flacid and it doesn’t seem to work for me. In fact, so far NOTHING seems to work for me. I’m getting very discouraged.


after each session..just leave it alone!

The penis is a very “independent” organ. It has a mind of itself. Don’t worry. The only thing you can do is, to have a nice cool-down session, meaning massage it after your done with your workout. Take a hot shower and forget about it.

No clamps, no wraps, no nothing….

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Yeah, I’m new here sort of, but not to PE. I started, 3 years ago, but it seems like just the other day. I took, about 2 years off, man time has flied. Anyway,I can attest to the theory of jelqing soft. This works for me, and if I jelq hard, I’m better off quiting. As a matter of fact, this is my problem. I can’t seem to keep it down.

Aspiringbig, didn’t your dad ever tell you: “Baseball! Think of baseball!”

Or as the Dice-man said, “Rosanne Barr naked!(erection) Gone!”

I hope I did not break any Thunder protocol by that last comment. If I did, I apologize.

.Hi I’m new


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