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My penis isn't flexible at all when erect.

My penis isn't flexible at all when erect.

I’ve seen men in porn with a fully erect penis bend it around in all directions like it was a foam rod or something. How come my penis is super hard when erect? I swear even at 60% it becomes stiff as wood, there’s no bend to it at all, and if I try it hurts. Sometimes when having sex if a woman puts it in her awkwardly when she sits on it, it’ll bend too much and hurt pretty bad.

Girls seem to like that my cock is super hard but I’m sort of worried about it, is this normal? Feels like I’m carrying a metal rod around when I’m excited.

I’ve started doing some PE exercises (jelqing) with hopes that it might help but there’s no way I could do those bending ones that I’ve seen on this site where the guy will bend his dick in half from the center of the shaft it seems, ouch.

I hope I’m not the only one with this ‘problem’?

Dude.your complaining about a stiff cock. What is wrong with you. If you had problems getting hard that would be another story.

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There is nothing wrong with a stiff dick. I could probably hammer nails with mine (ouch), it gets that hard. I would never consider bending it though, sounds painful.

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“I’ve seen men in porn with a fully erect penis bend it around in all directions like it was a foam rod or something. How come my penis is super hard when erect?………”

What you see in porn is not reality! You might think those guys are fully erect, but they aren’t. A fully erect penis WILL NOT BEND!, its not suppose to. If it does, you have now caused a major injury to yourself. Be thankful that you do get really super hard, for someday, way down the road of life, your best buddy there isn’t going to work like he should (sometimes, but not always).

As far as you bending an erect penis for exercise, please don’t. You don’t have enough time under your belt in the world of PE to even attempt such an advanced routine. Now repeat after me please, I have one dick, I will not hurt it. Say that 50 times a day and follow the newbie routine. Oh, and one more thing, tell yourself over and over that porn isn’t real, porn isn’t real, porn isn’t real.

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Troll Allert!

Mine gets so hard a cat can’t scratch it!!!

Are you sure this is how Mr. Ed started?

Hay_lo are you asian by any chance? I’ve noticed our erections are very stiff and might show some differences in the amount of albuginea density.

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I believe this is more of an advantage than problem.

Starting over with the newbie routine on Jan. 1st, 2007.

In 20 years you’ll be reminiscing about the days when your cock was a stiff as a metal rod.

Enjoy it now while you’re young.


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Are you an idiot? They’re called ‘stiffies’ and ‘hard-ons’ for a reason. What use would your penis be in sex if it was floppy all the time?
Be happy that it’s that hard. I’m 18 and sometimes mine can’t get 100%.

If you are trolling as Krtel suggested, don’t bother.

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