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My Penis is Weird and I need Help (what a great title)

My Penis is Weird and I need Help (what a great title)

Ok I am not a noob to PE but I am somewhat of a noob to this forum. I started doing PE about 2 years ago. I did about 300 realy fast jelqs each night for like 1 month. I actually got girth gains at the mid/base of my penis but I stopped because I din’t know if these excercises would screw up my penis. I have tried jelqs on and off but havent really tried to do a full routine because I am afraid I will damage the veins in my penis. I understand how to do alot of the basic excercises but I dont think they will work with me because my penis is really weird. It is about 6 inches in girth at the very base. It is 6.2 at the middle. But from the middle to the tip it goes all the way down to like 4.9 girth. The head of my dick sucks!!! It is like 4.9 inches in girth plus it can’t stay hard at all when even a small amount of pressure is applied to it. When I have an erection the rest of my dick is hard except the head takes f***ing long to get hard and looks ridiculous because it is supposed to be bigger. I think it is like this because when I was younger I would masturbate by putting my thumb over the head of my penis (i am not circumcised) and rub it really hard. When I did this the head never became erect but the rest of my penis did. I think the head has poor circulation or something. Anyways, I can’t jelq because when I do a jelq all the way to the tip (head) the veins on my dick look really stressed. There is a big vein on top that moves with my finger when I jelq. The vein gets bigger and harder as I get closer to the head. I am afraid it might explode or the repeated strain on my vein (haha it rhymes) might cause it to lose its elasticity. Basically, my penis is a little over 7 inches long and goes from 6.2 girth to 4.9 from mid to tip. The thick part of my penis is really tough and doesnt seem strained from jelquing (kinda like a seasoned pe fit penis), however the rest of my penis sucks and is very weak and jelquing seems to stress it. It is like I am trying to PE with 2 different types of dicks. This is insane. Does anyone have a similar problem or have any advice? I need some way to even out my dick girthwise without destroying it in the process. Or, even worse, making half my dick huge and the other half non functional (that would look really funny though)

Hey bob_burger,

When I first started PE, I felt the same way about my dick. Jelqing is pretty intense but you have to start off light and low reps and work your penis up. If you wanna fix your girth problem then jelqing is the way to go. It will definitely make the circulation better in the head. Just start out doing 50 reps and once you think you can handle it move up to 100 or even 75. Of course once you make it to like 300 reps, I’d start doing it by a time basis and not by reps (that’s just my opinion). Hope this helps, and good luck with gains!

It would seem to me that either jelqing or pumping would be the perfect PE for you as those methods concentrate blood flow out to the end of your penis where you need it most.

Don’t do your jelq reps fast. Do them slow and deliberate and imagine the blood filling the outer third of your penis and expanding it. Like VT said, start off easy and over time, increase intensity as your conditioning improves.

Don’t forget to start off with the hot wrap.

I can think of worse things

Most people have a girth that is around the girth of your head … just be glad your base is so thick!

Other than that, all I can say is don’t be in any rush … change your masterbatory habits, if you haven’t already, and take it slow with the PE … in the meantime, any woman who won’t have sex with you because the girth of your head is normal and the girth at the base is great is just plain weird (or too small … look elsewhere regardless).

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I was all set to think you another whine

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Cool new feature at Thunder’s submits your post the second you loose your connection. Let’s try that again, shall we?

I was all set to think you another whining newbie untill I got to your non-standard weiner diminsions. I would think pumping and or jelqing would be perfect, and perfectly safe for you. You are the one that pays the price if I am wrong, and I would be a bit cautious if it were my willie.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Dude a small head and big base is cool. You can wedge that fat sausage into the tightest of holes1

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