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My penis is in pain


My penis is in pain

Hi everybody! So where should I start?! Let’s stay I’ve been used a vacuum pump for about 4 years, but only before sex, started with 15 minutes, then 30 and new 1 hour! I know it’s a lot and I will throw it away in time .Hopping PE will help me with that! :)

So the thing is I’ve PE-ing for all most 3 months, worm up with a towel for 10 minutes with hot water, stretching up,down,left,right 2 times each, and recent I tried v-stretches for 3 times and jelq 10-15 min ,after worm down! The thing is after my day off my penis started to hurt, not the head, the penis body(tunica I think) the upper part .not so sure! I took the day off .and today I’ve done a few jelq and pump for 10 min, just to see what’s happening!! And yeah .after 1 hour it started again today even it was ok until now at night! So what do you think? Can I broke my ligs? Or just a nerve? The pain come and goes ..

The hard thing is a girl is coming here in the weekend and yeah .I will use the pump I think! So please please any advice?? Sorry for my English! And good luck to everybody.

If your having pain lay off for a bit to be safe. Have you got any gains from your pumping?

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Hi bluray! Yeah .that’s I was think off .I just hope I won’t fall off. And about the gains no, because I have use it only before sex, twice a week ,once .depends ,even more rare sometimes!

You need to take a break from everything for about a week.

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Ok kingpole! Tnx a lot .. I just text the girl that I have some “things to do” ,I hope it will go away :( and I also forgot to say that I take some penis pills , protein sake and vase dilators for my blood pump when I go to gym! Maybe .I don’t know!

Is it pain? Or is it a soreness… soreness is good, pain is bad.

It’s pain mustang .comes and goes .. stays for 5 seconds .the weird thing is that the pain started after a day off and not on the next day! I can’t see what went wrong .. I did some jelq with maybe 30-40% because sometimes at the end of routine I can’t keep up with it to stay at 80% erect! Or the v-stretches .because there you stretch the tunica from the middle! And when I’m thinking I was about to buy a hanger in 3-4 weeks :(

Yeah, lay off PE until the pain goes away. You can still buy the hanger though, just use it after you’ve conditioned yourself a bit. I just started hanging and I prefer it to stretching manually because I would always get erect and stop stretching.

Isn’t there a nerve that runs on top of the penis? I remember reading this somewhere: Made me make sure I don’t put pressure there when I jelq or stretch. I’m not able to seek the source out right now, but I think there is a nerve there, right?

By ‘on top’ I try to describe the.. Oh, words fail me. A nerve that runs from the base of the penis to the head, closer to the surface on the part of the penis which might see sunlight, as opposed to the part which might be considered the underside. Gah! A word, my kingdom for a word!

penis pain

Okay Micheal , Go with king pole on this . Your routine looks fine ,but you are definitely over doing the pumping .

Break time .

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Dorsal nerve.

Make sure that the pain isn’t on the actually tissue of the tunica because when it heals you don’t want any scar tissue to cause a bend. Is it hurting on the dorsal vein or nerve or is it actually hurting within your tunica?

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Yeah, dorsal nerve. That’s the one to watch out for.

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