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My penis is angled to the left.

My penis is angled to the left.

So before I started PE I believe though I’m not sure, that my penis was dead center. Now after some PE and manual stretching my penis is angled to the left. I don’t mean that it is curved to the left (like on the middle of the shaft it bends). I just mean that it is angled to the left, that it POINTS to the left. Before when I used to stand up it would point straight. Now it points slightly to the left. Whenever I try to push it to the right when I’m erect and make it “straight”, I feel that my ligaments/tendons (not sure which) become very tight in my left groin. In order to take care of this do I want to add more manual stretching to the left or to the right?

Just trying to gain. Just trying to learn.Last official measurement May 2008. NBPEL = 6.0 inches. BPEL = ?. MSEG = 5.8 inches.

July 2008 NBPEL = 5.9 inches. BPEL = 6.75inches. MSEG = 5.8 inches. I have a sizeable fatpad. I hope when I cut weight I can make the difference between BPEL and NBPEl around 0.3 inches.

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