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My penis girth is weird

My penis girth is weird

When fully erect, my penis girth is 5.6 inches but when it’s full 6 inches when I’m about 75% erect


It actually gets smaller when it’s fully hard.. FUCKING WEIRD

Is anybody else like that?

Also, can somebody please tell me how to cement gains?

Do you just aim for a quarter inch higher than you desired goal to make sure that it actually cements and the desired goal?

Same happens to me sometimes, any reason for this?

This has become a lifestyle for me

Happens to me too sometimes, but I don’t know for sure why. It might be because when less erect the penis has a more elliptical shape due to a lack of full engorgement, but as the erection increases it becomes more circular and loses girth. Not sure if an ellipse would have a greater circumference than a circle but that’s the only real difference between fully erect and only partially for me.

As for cementing gains I always thought that it simply required you to continue to PE for a few months after at the same intensity then slowly back off over the next few months.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Yeah well i have noticed same thing.

Maybe we can take that as positive indicator?

As you know that there is a space that can be expanded.

I’m 5.7 when 80% and 5.3 when fully erect.

Its perfectly natural to lose girth comparatively speaking in a longer vs shorter erection. This is also quite common as you enlarge through PE activities you may experience girth loss. Its purely the anatomical dynamic of the erection, the tunica can be more resistant to expanding the ‘x’ axis than the ‘y’ axis. But, PE can help to even out the expansion. I have experienced some loss as the length has increased, but it is insignificant for the most part. You can build back what is lost over time. Its just natures way.

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