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My penis feeling weird more sensitive

My penis feeling weird more sensitive

Couldn’t create this at injury forum, not even sure if that’s an injury at all.
Anyway, 2 days ago made a post about that but it doesn’t seems to get better, don’t know how to feel about it.

Lets start I’m super newbie, doing PE for about two weeks.
First week routine was always a hot wrap + jelqing, round 300. Skipped stretches in order not to over train so quickly, anyway, I’m more focused on girth.
2 day on, one off and even after that short amount of time noticed a little harder erection during days, morning woods either. Been so excited of the PE stuff at so many points(still am) and was jerking off twice a day. At the end of week run some stretches, did it with my skin on the glance, right now I know it wasn’t proper.

Unfortunately day after my day off while preparing for doing little stretches felt like my left side of penis is more sensitive , “more everything” then the right one”. Skipped stretches and went to jelqing but had still in mind that feeling then couldn’t do that. I wasn’t sure if the left side is more sensitive or right one less. Took a two days break but still was jerking off and had sex. There was nothing wrong during sex, didn’t remember anything which I shouldn’t, my erection level was better then fine.
However, still feeling this, while masturbation, while trying to jelq, it’s still in my mind.
Read about pos/neg/neut signs of PE, I may call this slight achyness. It doesn’t hurt, it’s like someone else is still touching me there, my left side, most at the base of penis.

I asked about this at one thread, said than during jelqing it’s okey so I kept doing it. Yesterday probably squeezed to strong, felt some pain on my right side, around vein but it’s all gone now. Had sex at that evening either, everything was perfect, EQ really high and none incorrect feelings.
Today tried again to jelq a little, at much lower pression and around 100 instead of 300 repeats buy couldn’t maintain erection even for 10 jelqs, probably sqeezes were to light, doesn’t matter.

The problem is should I just leave it, trying to do jelqs, making my techniqe better and don’t think about this because it’s just neutral effect and may indicate grow at any point( as I said, erections are awesome before and even after sex, morning woods, during masturbations only sometimes get to the 100% lvl but it’s normal for me).
Tried some cold and warm, stopped masturbation to keep my energy only for PE and sex but it’s still in there.
Any advices from the vets ?

Simple rule is: if you are not sure everything is 100% OK, take a few days off. It’s never worth taking a risk.

300 jelqs is too much for a newbie in my opinion, especially at erection levels over 60%. Jelqs are much harder on your penile tissues than stretching.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Firegoat is right. Take a few days off, even a week. I know you’re eager and its good, but its not worth risking you dick bro :)

Please report back!

Burn that tunica!

It may be a best possible idea, whole day without touching my penis and it feels a little better. Yup, I’m more then eager, wish to finally break my 5.5” NBPEL and 4.33” MEG.

Probably going to restart my routine with 150 jelqs and each week try to add some, rush is not necessary but hope my fiancee will notice something one day :)

Thanks for the really fast answers guys ! Truly appreciate this

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