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My penis disappeared


It is your genetic make-up and you really cannot correct (to any appreciable effect) your existing flaccid. The only thing that will help to some extent would be to wear boxers (possibly two pairs - no kidding), the loose fitting briefs will allow for more heat to generate between your thighs and this added warmth will allow additional tumescence in the way of blood flow. That warmth will cause thermo-regulation of your sack and lower your balls which loosens your entire package. You might want to move to Arizona or somewhere close to the equator.

Dose anyone have hair almost down the whole shaft?

Hey girlslikeme, I know first hand the trauma of having a somewhat mysterious medical intervention on your member way back in childhood, and I sympathise. I had a circumcision when I was probably about 2 or 3, I didn’t have any awareness of that, I was too young to remember or understand, but I just knew my dick seemed to almost disappear inside me; I was too embarrassed to change, shower etc in front of anyone. It wasn’t until I was about 11 or 12 that my parents explained the original operation had been botched and they were concerned enough to refer me to a specialist, who said actually my dick wasn’t abnormally tiny, it was just being held in a permanently turtled state by a ring of scar tissue from the incomplete and incompetent circumcision. He called it a ‘buried penis’. I sort of still had a foreskin, but it was very tight and a bit short. About age 13 I was operated on again, and the damage was largely rectified by a complete cicumcision and some stitches. Since then my dick has been normal but a bit disappointing in size and still very prone to turtling. I wonder to this day whether the fact that my dick was restricted all through childhood stopped it growing as much as it should have done. Anyway I’ll get to the point - about 4 and a half months of the newbie routine have given me a much improved flaccid hang - not huge, but turtling is now rare and my dick looks half-respectable. So I’d second those who recommend the normal jelqing and stretching to help your flaccid. I haven’t used an ADS but it sounds like it might be a good addition to your routine too. I haven’t gained much EL yet, maybe a touch, but I remain hopeful and I’m happy that I’ve at least got something out of all this effort! I reckon you will too.

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In my experience, fowfers are very good for increasing flaccid length. It involves stretching your penis behind you. Give it a try and see if it works.

Stuzilla, I kinda feel like it’s related. Because I mean I have hair til about a 1/2 inch before my head. The docs could’ve done something when I was little that stretched my skin at the base.

J-Ho, I feel like maybe the same thing happened with me. THere has to be some reason why I had to get circumcised at 3 or 4 yrs old when in my family it usually happens when you’re born.

My flaccid just feels like my balls are in the way or something. It rests on top of my balls and points instead of extending over them.that’s all I really want :)

Quickbeam - thanks for that tip, I tried them before but those hurt my balls.


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