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My penis curved downward help

My penis curved downward help

It curves downward like a banana and I think it looks unattractive. When I was baby I was partly circumcised, they took part of the skin underside of my penis so the skin underside is shorter that’s why it has developed the way it is. It’s not extreme but very noticeable. If straight penis is 3 clock my is about 4 and it’s about 6.7” when fully erect and measuring along the curve with flexible measuring tape.

How can I reduce the curve the safest way??

Thank You.

mama always said lay it on the table and smack it between two bibles.

Google extender fixing downward curvce, I recall previous posts saying SOME guys fixed by jelqing/edging against the curve-but not all were successful.

Reject the basic assumptions of civilizations, especially the importance of material possessions.

On the positive side, most of the downward curve dicks in porn look very long. I have an upward curve which I don’t like, so it just shows we are never happy with what we’ve got.

Be proud of your banana. Hit her g-spot from doggy!

And consider presenting your dick to a partner in such a way that they see it from the top. An upward curve might look impressive from a knee, but nobody says they HAVE to kneel to pull your pants down.

Just saying

Hi Elindo, maybe you have a short frenulum? If this was the case, it could be easly fixed.

In the adverse case, I beg to differ from some of the posters above - I think in most of cases stretching can worsen a downward curve. An extender could help, though.

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