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My PE.

My PE.

I’m completely new to the whole concept of PE, I kept thinking it was impossible until I ran into Thunder’s Place. After about two days of reading I was convinced and I got started. Here is what I am doing:

Hot wrap 5 mins (sometimes hot shower in place)
30 second stretches (up, straight out, down, left, right) about 4 times
20 min wet jelq
Hot wrap 5 mins (sometimes hot shower in place)
50 kegels

And I have a couple questions.
Are kegels that important?

Can anyone suggest anything that I can add to help me gain?

Thanks, this seems to be a really helpful place and I look forward to the words out of my girlfriends mouth, “I think your dick got bigger”

Haha. Have a happy holiday everyone


Hey man! That sounds perfect. :)

As a newbie, two things I regularly neglected were kegals and the warm-up. I still neglect kegels, but I’ve learned the hard way (discoloration and other temporary injuries) that warm-ups must not be neglected. The warm-up is the only aspect of PE that you cannot overdo. The more, the merrier.

As for the Kegels, they’re well good for erections. No doubt you’ll realise that yourself in time; so don’t fret about ‘em if you haven’t got the motivation. You’ll get it eventually cuz there will be visible advantages to their performance. And are needed to perfect the very rewarding edging exercise - which I advise you practise to help gains, give you better understanding and control of your unit, etc.

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