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My PE update

My PE update

So I’ve been off and on the horse of PEing since November. But been peing since 2006ish and gained but got injured If you want to know more read some of my threads. But as of late may early june I have been more consistent of PEing 2 days on 1 day rest. However, until about 3 weeks to a month ago. Why cause I got a new girlfriend! She is awesome and I stay at her place sometimes plus on top of sex it’s been hard to keep up with my routine. On top of the fact that she feels my dick is big! Which is awesome!! I mean in my own mind I want it to be bigger but she says it’s already big! My stats are bpel 7 1/4, eg 5 1/4.

However, I do want to get back on track with my routine! Right now I am only doing 3 rounds of stretching for 40 seconds each and up to about 140 jelqs. How often should I add a round to streatching? I don’t like to go by minutes. So I’m on 3 right now. Also should I add rounds or seconds first to stretching? I normally add anywhere to 10-20 jelqs every week or two if I feel necessary. But adding stretches or seconds always trips me up for some reason!?

Example: 2-3 rounds of stretching (down,up,left,right,forward) for 30 seconds each.
Here is mine currently: 3 rounds of stretching for 40 seconds each. I have been up to as much as 4-5 rounds at 60 seconds each.
So should I go up in rounds or seconds first? Or just how to go about it?

Also when would it be a good idea to add hanging into the mix or something like v-stretches? And what would a routine like that look like? Because I’m only familiar with stretching and jelqing.

Please give me some input guys!


You’re doing almost enough stretching. A couple of minutes, in all directions, does it. Get in the habit when you take a shower to throw in a few more pulls just as a bonus.

At PE, use a heat wrap (just a couple minutes is enough), then start your stretches. Heat helps. Years ago somebody suggested that heat helps to encourage cell division. I don’t know if it does that or not now, but heat is a positive influence to gains. Don’t overdo it. Burns are nasty.



Thanks! What about hanging or v-stretches? Or should I just stick to stretching and jelqing for right now?

Any thoughts guys?

Well if you haven’t done much in the way of PE lately. Hanging would not be a good idea as you could injure yourself again.

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Ok so here is my current issue. Since I have a new girlfriend who I love and who thinks my dick is huge already. It’s been hard to stay on track with PE! One main reason is that after work I go over to her place and spend the night but at night was the time when I would do PE! I do have a break in the afternoon but that is usually time that I use to get stuff done. See I’m a personal trainer and my day starts out at 5:30am and I train people till 9:30 or 10:30am then I break till usually 5 or 6pm then I train till 7 or 8pm. Trying to change my PE time and just to get in the mood or zone about PE during the day is a task! Any motivation or ideas you guys can give me would help!


If you don’t have motivation, it means you are happy with your size, maybe. It’s a good thing.

Originally Posted by marinera
If you don’t have motivation, it means you are happy with your size, maybe. It’s a good thing.

I think Marinera raises an excellent point here. If you guys are happy (or more seriously “in love” in your relationship and your partner thinks you are “big”, why are you looking for more?

Sure we can advise you on routines, but will that time away from your partner damage the relationships you have?

I don’t understand if all is well why you want to create a bigger unit at this stage? If you have what many guys crave, don’t wreck it by believing the grass is greener on the other side….

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