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my PE story....

my PE story....

This is my first post on Thunders, although I have been lurking around on the site for about 4 months.

I began searching around on the internet my freshman year of college for ways to enlarge my penis, and found a few websites advocating jelquing and stretching techniques and gave it a try on a couple of occasions, but my PE exercises never lasted longer than a few weeks. I was skeptical about the concept of PE, as most scientific sources always said it was “impossible”. I didn’t see results and the sites I checked out really had no consistency in regards to routines or methods. So I stopped.

My pre-pe measurements stood at 6.6 EBPL X 4.8 EG, not an awful size as it fell into the average category, but I certainly didn’t want to be just average. I never recieved any direct comments about my size one way or the other. I had always enjoyed wonderful sex with my longtime girlfriend and my other sexual escapades have always seemed to be enjoyable for both parties. There was one experience in my junior year of college that was a blow to my self-esteem however. It was a night of heavy boozing and as I tend to sleep in the buff, before I passed out I took off all my clothes. Unforunately I was to drunk to remember, but apparently I got up in the middle of the night to take a piss and on my way to the bathroom I passed my roomates girlfriend while totally nude. Everyone was laughing about it the next morning, but nothing was said about my size. A few weeks later, my roomates girlfriend was pretty tipsy herself (she tended to get a little beligerent when wasted) and made a comment about how I appeared “small”. Fortunately, the were not many that heard her, but I know how women tend to talk and I’m sure she told all her roomates about my so-called “small dick”.

Needless to say, her comment really stayed with me and there have been times since where I have had some serious doubts about my penis size. Its amazing how one comment can really tear down your self-esteem. It was hard for me to pursue sexual relationships after this point because I was always thinking to myself “Will she think I have a small dick” Most of the time I would put the worries past me, but there were occasions where I felt it prevented me from taking things to the next level.

Well I graduated college and moved home. I was heading to graduate school in the fall and I saw the summer as an opportunity to make some postive changes in myself before I began my new experience. So, once again I resumed my search for ways to enlarge my penis, I was skeptical of the pay sites so I never joined any of them. One day while doing a search for “penis enlargement” I came across a post that mentioned Thunders Place. Discovering Thunders has changed outlook and certainly made a penis enlargement believer out of me.

My initial routine was to ease me into the PE world and I did an on-a-day-off-a-day routine consisting of 200 wet jelqs and about 10 minutes of manual stretching in 5 directions for 30 seconds in each direction with a hot wrap warm up. I did this for about two months and really didn’t see anything substantial for gains. I felt I was ready to intensify my routine, I have been doing this routine for about 3 weeks and have seen some modest gains:

5 minute warm-up hot wrap
20 minutes manual stretch (5 directions/30 seconds each)
20 minutes wet jelqs and hard squeezes at about 85-95% erect
5 minute warm-down hot wrap

I do the routine 3 days on, 1 day off (with the jelqs and squezes on the first and third days of the rotation and stretching all 3 days of rotation.) I have gained .15 inch in length and .5 inch in girth. Here are my new measurements:

September 21, 2004
BPEL 6.81 X 5.3 EG

Thunders is fantastic and I really like this PE community. My goal is an 8x6 like many other here at thunders and I know with hard work and persistence I can achieve it.

Welcome to Thunders Doubles! :)

That was an inspiring first post. Thanks for sharing your story with your new found PE brothers.
Glad you could stop lurking and become an active poster. Congrats on your gains! :up:

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Hi doubles,

You sound like me, all I had to do was hear it once and I started wondering if every woman thought me small. Usually it didn’t cause me to avoid sex with a woman I had met who was willing, but there were times it did. You have found a great place to help you reach your 8 x 6 goal.

Hi doubles,

Much like yourself I have found a wealth of information on this site. Have also come to realize that I,m not as small as I have believed or should I say perceived. My wife has never said that I was small, not that I would expect her to even if she thought it. She actually thought that I was nuts to want to enlargin my dick. I explained to her that it was something that has always bothered me and was a form of low self esteem. Well now that we are into this PE for about 6 months she hasn’t complained about any of it, she has only asked that I not get much longer as it sometimes hurts when going deep,(more info for the length versus girth debate) The kegeling has really helped with stronger orgasms, and I feel the jelqing has helped not only some girth but to last longer. Good luck with your goal!

Welcome Doubles,

I was also like you 6.3x5.2, I was also skeptical about PE for one year, now I am 7.5 x 5.5 but still not enouth for my girl friend, shit ! If my girl friend was satified by my penile maybe I did never PE, in this concern you are lucky. It is true also that they are many level of satisfaction, and more a women go high more she will desire you and your penis (Women here: tell me if I am wrong): instead of making love twice a week you will do four, or twide a day. Size is relative, you can be big if your girl friend have seen only your penis, but if your girl friend have got a 10x6.5, even with 8x5.5 you can be small. This is the reason why our ancestor advice to the women to be virgin in order to satisfy completely her man and don’t humiliate him, I feel like humiliate yes! I just want to be larger enought for the girl I love, the mother of my child. Just one advice, be patient PEing, be careful, aware about what is happend in your penis.
I wish you a bigger penis.

Great outlook, sounds like you know what you are doing. Sounds like you are well on your way.

Good luck and welcome!

Doubles - at 6.81 BPEL you have something to be proud of. Perhaps you suffer from “grower” syndrome as me - you’re flaccid size is small. PE will help.

I got a comment from a roommate in college who said he saw my little pathetic penis peaking out from behind the towel in the shower. It really messed with my head … I was small, especially when flacid, but was near average at 5” NBP and about 6” BP at the time. I hope you don’t let it mess with your head like I did. I wasted too many years in a constant state of anxiety over it and lost countless opportunities due to my lack of confidence. Since PE’ing I have made some very slow progress size-wise and I am trying to extricate myself from this lack of self esteem attached to my penis. Rationally I know it’s a silly thing, but the emotional scars are still there.

Grower - I am definately a “grower”. My flaccid size can get downright small at times and I am hoping that PE wil help, as you said. Thank you for the positive feedback, it makes a PE brother feel welcome.

Thanks for the welcome everybody! With a continued regimen of PE any comment that scarred me in the past will be long gone and I can be fully confident in myself once more. Its really no use to harbor those emotional scares….except for motivation to improve yourself, good luck everyone else in their PE pursuits.

Mugwomp, that Avatar is great! Woody, looking down at his woody, like wow, this thing has never looked so big.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

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