My PE ROUTINE and my Future goal

Hi everyone !!

Firstly sorry for my English, I speak french !!

I’m not in my first time to make PE ! In 2006, I make 6 month but I must stop because my girl friend are totally disagree with this practice and accept me about my size ! But now, I’m a new single and I restart the PE SESSION !!

Everybody, PE are the best natural solution to increase your size !! In 2006 in grow up 1/4 of inch in 6 month !! TAKE YOUR TIMES !! Be patient !! Take the routine each day and mesure your dick just 1 times per month .. It will me more encouragement approxymatly !!

Here it’s my Newbie Routine

5 min hot Wrap
5 min Stretch-v
20 min Jelq
10 min Pressure Jelqing
2 min Horse
50 Kegel

My Size : 5.9 Inch per ??

Short-term Goal : 6.5 Inch

Long term Goal : 7,5 Inch