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My PE Adventure

My PE Adventure

(This is going to be a long post) lol
Thoughts About PE:
Hello fellow PE’ers. I’m a newbie, and I’m finally going to jump into PE’ing after lurking around this site for a few weeks now although I have been interested in PE for about 5/6 months. Now in my teen years I always thought my dick was on the small size, which it probably was. Now that I older (22) and after much research, I know now that I’m just average. I have grown to accept and love what I have and just be happy to have it because I know there are some guys out there who would literally give a testicle, or both, to have my dick size I am starting with. Lol

I have been with a lot of females and luckily, I believe only one has had a problem with my size. That one female and I did have some great sex but I later found out that one of the reasons why she left me was because my dick wasn’t big enough, not that it was small it just wasn’t BIG enough. She was a borderline size queen but because her friends were, she got “brainwashed” by them and decided she wanted something bigger. That did affect me somewhat to where I’m subconscious about my size, sometimes. I try to avoid those size queens but because of the type of females I like, they are hard to avoid. Lol So after all of that, I was worried that I may not measure up to some of those ladies(size queens!) that I have sex with which has started this adventure into PE.

My Stats: (Tape Measure)
NBPEL - 6.1in (15.5cm)
EG - 4.88in (12.4cm)
NBPFL - 3.93in (10.0cm)
FG - 4.01in (10.2cm)
EQ - B+

Now that I measured my unit and I can see the numbers, I think I would be comfortable staying this size (if this new PE stuff doesn’t work at all). I did have some problems with measuring. About two months ago I measured my dick and I was surprised to see that I was hitting beyond the 7inch mark. I was 100% hard and I did measure from the side using a straight ruler so I’m having a tough time accepting that -1 inch difference from that. I was sooo confident after I thought my dick was 7 inches. I walked around with the highest of confidence. It was great! So if 6.1 is my true NBPEL size, just getting to 7 inch would give me that alittle bit of confidence I had of walking around thinking I had an above average penis. Lol I don’t think I have a fat pad, if I do it’s probably a .1 cm difference (lucky me lol), so those are my true measurements. My penis is also even in girth, straight with no curve (it does lean to the left a little though when I’m hard, I guess that’s more to do with the lig). I did find that if I just let my dick hang down and measure from the same beginning spot, I was 2+ cm bigger, especially when I was flaccid but I didn’t use those measurements. I didn’t think they were legit measurements?? Idk?

My Goal Stats:
NBPEL - 7.5in
EG - 5.5in
NBPFL - 5.25in
FG - 5in (doesn’t matter really)
EQ - A++++

I think they are some pretty reachable goals. Anything I may gain more than my goals would be even better but I would love to finally have a dick with those stats between my legs. Lol I’m going to use the [ NEW newbie + advanced routine ] workout I seen somewhere on the forums in the upcoming days. I think the slow approach is the right way to do it for something as delicate as a penis. I will do this with some kegels, then start a stretching routine two weeks after. I’m thinking about using a cock ring after my PE workout for a few mins. I seen somewhere that wearing one after your PE, keeps the blood “trapped” promoting girth gains. This will be a week or so after I start to get my penis use to everything first. Also I will start an edging routine also after two weeks with the cock ring. Then finally I will attempt some pumping but that will be months away.

So my routine would be:
Light linear newbie workout (with some kegels) - gradually increasing work load every week.
:Two week later:
1. Start using a cock ring after PE’ing for 20 mins (keeping my penis engorged)
2. Start a stretching routine.
:Two week later:
3. Start a edging routine with the cock ring.
:Later after months of PE:
4. Start a pumping routine.

I guess that is it for now. I think I typed too much anyways. Sorry for that guys, just wanted to get everything out before I start. :) If anybody would like to give me any pointers, advice, welcomes or anything to a newbie I would really appreciate it. I know this will work out for me. Gotta think positive!

You have a positive attitude, realistic goals, and a good starting size. You will do well to follow the newbie routine for as long as you can gain from it; don’t try and be fancy and reinvent the wheel. I’m not say you are, but it is easy to want to explore different PE exercises and advanced routines you read about on here, at least that is how it was for me.

Good luck accomplishing your goals.

PS Take measured pictures before you begin and measure the same way every time.

Thanks Redwood744 (sorry for the late reply)
I figure with the right attitude, I would appreciate any gains from PE. It really doesn’t matter to me because I am quite happy with my size. This is just my attempt of maximizing my “manhood” that puberty didn’t fully do. :)

And yes, I have taken pre-PE pics to compare for all my future gains.

(I am surprised I didn’t get anymore replies in my “newbie’s intro to PE” post?? I guess I typed too much and people don’t like reading lol ..

Day 1
I finally starting my PE routine today(well yesterday lol)

I started with a long hot shower warm-up.
I did 10 or so wet jelqs at 50% hard, then 10-13 wet jelqs at 70% (I always had a tough time controlling hard-ons)
I tried to make each jelq last at least 2-3 seconds with a nice, tight “ok” grip (left and right hand)
After the jelqs, I did about 20 quick kegels.
Then, a warm-down with hot water from shower directly on my penis for about 5 mins.

I didn’t feel any pain. No negative PI’s. It did feel great doing the wet jelqs at 50% hard, 70% was a little tougher but still no pain or discomfort.
The tip of my dick is a little sensitive to touch like it would feel after having sex and I had a nice flaccid hang all day. It was doing a lot more bouncing then usual?

Well it was a good first day of PE. I hope this is a great start to a better and BIGGER penis.

Congratulation man!! Right attitude and great gains.

Keep on PEing and keep us informed.

Originally Posted by BigLittleMan

I have been with a lot of females and luckily, I believe only one has had a problem with my size. That one female and I did have some great sex but I later found out that one of the reasons why she left me was because my dick wasn’t big enough, not that it was small it just wasn’t BIG enough. She was a borderline size queen but because her friends were, she got “brainwashed” by them and decided she wanted something bigger.

You said that you “believe” that she had a problem, how do you know for sure? did she tell you? and how do you know her friends brainwashed her? just curious, if that was her reasons then I hope she’s unlucky in all her future relationships, and that she gets treated like shit by men for the rest of her life, women like that deserve it.

Thanks scarsick. :)

@ Smallie
Well, I pretty sure that had a “big” part of her deciding to break up with me. The fact my dick wasn’t “big enough” (and I didn’t own a car at the time .. Smh). That way of thinking is typical with the majority of females in today’s US culture. (They want a guy with a big dick and money.. But don’t know about everywhere else) so I wasn’t badly affected by that nonsense.

One example: A group of my 6 friends where sitting around, talking about sex and the subject of penis size came up. I always thought she was satisfied with my size because she always tells me I make her feel like a virgin again when we have sex. Plus, she always have AT LEAST 3 orgasms every time we have sex, and she didn’t cum easily neither so I wasn’t concerned during this convo. One of her friends started talking about how better a 9inch dick feel during having sex, then out of no where she loudly said “yeah, I gotta go find somebody with a 9” .. Everybody laugh but I didn’t even pay that statement any mind until after we broke up and I thought about what she said. Plus she always made slick comments about how bigger her new guy was. She did have someone before me that was a bit bigger but I really do not care about what was before me. Plus I often saw her and her friends secretly look at me, then do that “short penis” thing with their hand, then snicker. So I just take all of that as a sign she was actually brainwashed to believe a 9+inch dick is better than what I have, which was actually fully satisfying her but I guess she wanted that “My man has a big penis too” badge of honor. Lol

So that’s already 3 guys she has gone through, and that’s only from looking into your posts, so I think we can safely put her in the “whore who is never satisfied” category lol, it just shocks me sometimes how shallow women are.

Whatever category she’s in I really don’t give two f’s. She can whore-it-up all she wants. Lol Human beings in general are shallow it’s just with a LOT of women, it’s insignificant differences and very selfish things but what can you do, that’s life. Only thing I can do is my jelqs, grow my dick and hope that one day some lady would actually appreciate all of my HARD work. Lol

Day 2
Great day of PR workouts

1. I started with 2, 5 min HOT water with had towel wrap warm-up. Constantly applying steamy hot water throughout the first warm up, a 3 min break, then another warm up. (It felt really good and between the breaks, my dick would NOT get soft at all. It was kinda nice to see that.)
2. Then, started with 10 wet jelqs (left and right hand) at 80% hard with a firm grip. (Couldn’t get it to get soft after the warm up for long time)
3. After that, I waited to get soft around 50% hard and did 10 wet jelqs with a tight grip, left and right, under and over, going straight out.

I was doing 2 quick kegels throughout my workout after each jelq. Then did 3 sets of 10 quick kegels right after my workout. I also did about 20 more after clean-up (15 mins later).

Afterwards, the dick felt great. I actually seen it pointing straight forward which shocked me (I have a slight lean, but not a curve, to the left that I think it’s due to my ligs?).
I felt a deep stretching during my jelqs and could feel the blood actually being forced and it felt good. My flaccid feels heavy but it did turtle for some reason. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing?

Day 3
Nice PE workout today

1. 5 min warm-up with hot water along with 35 kegels while I wait for it to go down alil bit before I do my jelqs.
2. 10 wet jelqs at 90% hard (firm, 5 over and 5 under grips with each hand), going straight outward.
3. Another application of hot water for 5 min. Used a cup to constantly apply the hot water on every part of my penis.
4. 10 wet jelqs at 70% hard (same # of grips as before), going upward. I did 2 quick kegels during every jelq for a total of 40 kegels.
5. Then an quick set of 10, 3-5 second kegels, really focusing on the BC muscles (I actually pushed on it to feel the flexing). While doing these kegels I tried to keep my dick full with blood making sure it stayed hard.
6. Jumped in the shower to keep the application of hot water on it.
7. Now, I’m during my final 15 kegels :)

**Results = About 30 mins of heat, 40 wet jelqs, and 100 kegels**

I feel like I’m going to love this PE stuff, even if I don’t see any gains. I just love the way my dick feels right afterwards and a day after a PE workout. I haven’t seen any negative PI’s, maybe some soreness but that’s it. I love how “bouncy” my flaccid is while I’m wearing clothes. I don’t know if it’s from PE or just all in my mind but whatever it is, I hope it stays. 7.5x5.5 .. Imma gonna get cha!! Lol

Day 4

1. 5 min warm up, 3 min break, then another 5 min warm up. Constantly applying hot water throughout warm-up.
2. 20 wet jelqs at 80% hard (firm, 10 over and 10 under grips, each hand), going straight outward.
3. 20, 1-2 second firm kegels while I wait to get to 70% hard.
4. 20 wet jelqs at 60% hard (firm, 10 over and 10 under grips, each hand), going left and right with 2 sec quick kegels during each jelq.
5. 5 min warm-down session.
6. Shower with hot water for 20 mins. Making sure I don’t go flaccid. Constantly stretching it out.
*Newly added stretching*
7. Did some very light stretching (left, right, up, and down) flaccid, while in the shower.
8. Now, I’m doing the last 40 kegels now.

**Total = 30 mins of heat, 40 jelqs, and 100 kegels**

June 2011: NBPEL: 6.1" (15.5cm) --- EG: 4.88" (12.4cm) || NBPFL: 3.93" (10.0cm) --- FG: 4.01" (10.2cm)

Short term: NBPEL: 7" (19cm) --- EG: 5" (13.9cm) || NBPFL: 4.5" (11.4cm) --- FG: 4.5" (11.4cm)

Long term: NBPEL: 8" (20.3cm) --- EG: 6" (15.2cm) || NBPFL: 5.5" (13.9cm) --- FG: 5" (12.7cm)

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