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My own thingy

My own thingy

Hi. I’m just under 6” when erect, and almost exactly 4” in girth. Is this normal, small, or what? Like everyone, I want a bigger one. I would be happy w/ 7” length and anywhere from 5-6” in girth. My x told me I was too skinny. Am I too skinny? Are these gains possible, if so, how long do you think I’ll have to wait. What should I do to achieve this?

Welcome schivenbeiver,

It sounds like your lenght is in the average category, the girth a little under average. Gains are absolutely possible, if you stick with the routine and be patient. You will get to know your dick and what works and what doesn’t. Nobody can answer how long it will take, everyone is different. For me it took a little over a year to gain an inch in length. Some gain an inch in less than three months, so you see it is really hard to tell.

Start with the newbie routine to get the ball rolling and condition your cock for the more advanced routines. Good luck!

You might want to start a light pumping routine also. Check out the pumping section and DON’T overdue it no matter how tempted you are. READ READ READ before getting started.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Your girth is below average. Those gains are possible, when you have enough discipline and persistence.

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