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My Outlook

My Outlook

I’ve been on and off for a long time now. Difference schedules make it possible/impossible for me to PE regularly. I recently just started about three weeks ago and all is going well. I started PE around 6”BPEL so I was “average.” My routine started years ago as the newbie routine and slowly grew. For the bulk of my PE adventures, I kept the same routine and came up with some conclusions that I feel are helpful for me. My max length was 6.75 BPEL and right now i’m at around 6.5. It is just unfortunate that I did not have the chance to cement gains or keep truckin’. I have yet to hit that “wall” that so many of us seem to plow through. So here are some things I like to keep in mind while I PE, for I feel that my gains come very quick and consistent:

I stick with one basic outline of a routine. By this, I mean that I keep my routine simple with very few types of stretches. On a regular week, my routine would be a warmup, 20 second stretch in every direction for three sets, a 10 minute jelq session and finally a cool down. Warmup and cool down are done with a rice sock for 10 minutes. However, each week I like to change it up and add something else into the mix. One week it may be some hanging, the next some jai stretching…etc.

Secondly, I feel that increasing the amount of your routine is necessary. However, I feel that it is most important to “feel” the same way after each workout. So at the end of each workout your penis should feel worked. This can be done by increasing the intensity OR the amount. So, slowly, each week I try to keep the same amount (due to time constraints) but increase my intensity so I can feel comfortable with my completed workout. Keep your routine simple. By throwing in a different exercise each week, it can keep your penis guessing and results can become consistent.

One other idea that I like to keep in mind is that most of your body is made with proteins. You take a protein shake after you work your muscles out to repair them, so I like to carry the same concept over to PE (Although muscle repair and ligament repair are different). After each workout, I feel it necessary to replenish what you have done to your body with a protein shake or a nice protein packed meal like tuna or chicken.

PE should be kept simple and consistent with a few change-ups added in. It keeps me sane while I try to achieve a goal of 7.5 BPEL. Feel free to post a few of your personal philosophies about PE and what keeps your gains coming and coming and coming…

Good luck.

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