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My official measurements

My official measurements

When I joined I did a quick measurement without having the correct knowledge of how to do it so I just did my official measurements after some reading.

BP-FL- 5.75
FG (mid shaft)- 4.5
FG base shaft)-4.25
FG (head) - 5.5

BPEL - 7
EG(Mid)- 5.5
EG(base)- 5.25
EG(head) - 5.75

My Goals:

BPEL 8 - 8.5”
EG(Mid)- 6
EG(base)- 5.75
EG(head) - 6.25

BP-FL- 6
FG (mid shaft)- 5.25
FG base shaft)- 5.25
FG (head) - 5.5

I’m not sure if BP is the correct or recommended way to measure length while flaccid but I did anyways, I didn’t stretch at all tho.

I’m amazed at my girth from flaccid to erect, I wish I could maintain that girth all day long LOL

As I mentioned in a previous post, my flaccid size fluctuates and it was recommended to do an average. I will do two other flaccid measurements in the next few days.

Oh, I’ve actually done two days of the newbie routine already.. Getting privacy or time is a lot harder than I assume but ill try to be more consistent.

Welcome man! Good luck with your training and keep us posted! Your size is very similar to mine :D

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