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My Newbie Routine

My Newbie Routine

I am getting back into PE after a long hiatus. I am starting from the beginning all over again to avoid any injury. I pretty much took the newbie routine and just tweaked it a bit. Tell me what y’all think.

5 minutes of hot wrap- for now I am using a warm cloth. I am looking for a personal towel warmer thinking this will be a bit more effective.

5 minutes of stretch- I do side stretch both left and right, straight up, straight down, straight out, v stretch both up and down. All for 20 seconds a piece for to sets

This is where I made the newbie routine my own. I get into a hot bath to do this and use conditioner

50 jelqs using the under hand ok grip

20 kegels holding for 5 seconds

50 jelqs using the over hand ok grip

20 kegels holding for 5 seconds.

I do this twice to equal 200 jelqs and 80 kegels. I also sit down in the bath in between each exercise and massage my dick in warm water to help with circulation.

I will also note I do kegels through out the day. My goal is to be somewhere around the 500 mark through out the day but I don’t keep count. I alternate from holding kegels for 3-5 seconds and doing just regular reps going as deep as I can in the stretch.

I am doing this for 2 days with one day rest. Probably each week I will add another set to increase 50 jelqs each week until I reach six weeks. After six weeks I plan to incorporate hanging and will cut back a little on jelqs sessions but increase frequency.

For any newbies reading this, due note that this is just my plan. If I find that I am over doing it I will cut back and adjust this post. Please do the same if you decide to try this routine out. Don’t overdue it

I’m a newbie, but I like your routine, except about your kegels. I was doing just 50/day and my left ball started to ache, so I decreased to 30/day and I will increase 5 more reps/week until 50. I’m doing the standard newbie routine and I’m enjoying that. I’ve just ended my 2nd week. Don’t you think that hanging after just 6 weeks is too early and dangerous?

It very well might be. I have hung in the past with a homemade hanger. When I first started I was doing extremely light weight for short period of times. It was a bit more then a stretch to be honest. I plan to not exceed 2 pounds for quite some time. Starting out in short duration’s a few minutes at a time then working my way up very slowly. But I will read some more articles and reevaluate when I get to six weeks. I might get there and agree that is a little early and I need to hold off

As for your kegels, in now shape fashion or form am I trying to criticize you. But 50 kegels a day made you sore? Are you possibly over doing the stretch by going too deep in the stretch or holding for two long. Only reason I say this, I started my kegels again about two weeks ago and my first day back I did about 200 through out the day. At the end of the day I felt fatigued but wasn’t sore the next day. Now this could just be your BC muscle needs more training. Which is not a negative thing, could just mean you can make that more of a short term goal for you. Again not trying to be negative.

That’s Ok. But it was not my BC that was sore, was my ball. I don’t know exactly the reason, but when I was contracting my BC, it started to ache and when I decreased the reps, my pain is gone. But always when I’m pissing I do some kegels, so I do more then 100 reps/day, I’ve just decreased the reps after my PE routine. For how long did PEed before? Did you gain some measurements?

November 20, 2014: BPEL: 6.36"; EL: 5.8"; MEG: 4.6"; BEG: 4.8".

Short term goal: EL: 6.2"; MEG: 4.72"

Long term goal: EL: 6.8"-7"; MEG: 5.6".

I did see some gains. But I don’t believe they were accurate. I didn’t measure girth but I did gain 2 inches the first go round. I didn’t cement my gains and lost most of it. When I did it the first time I was in high school. I was working out at the time and my body was still growing. A lot of the growth probably revolved around those two factors more then my PE.

This time I am going more of a scientific approach to it and going to see how far I can take it. Not really to chase the largest penis dream, more just to see how far the human body can be altered. I have a wife now so as long as she doesn’t say enough is enough, I will keep working at it and see where I end up.

BPEL: 7.00"


I will say last night I kept finding myself pinching the skin on my scrotum. Eventually it did form a small blood blister. I don’t think I over did it because its the only spot I have and I never felt any pain. Just every now and then I would pinch the skin when I was jelqing. Has anyone else done this?

BPEL: 7.00"


I have a few questions over basic jelqing.

I am doing the over hand and under hand ok grips. I believe I once read it is important to incorporate both so the penis develops evenly. Is this true?

Also I start off with about a half mast boner to target length. But by the end of the 50 reps, my dick is about the same length as a half mast boner but it isn’t as hard. Will I see gains or is it counter productive?

Finally, when alternating from left to right hand is it important to have a the blood flow completely cut off when switching hands? Or is it normal for their to be a brief second of release in between?

BPEL: 7.00"


No help?

BPEL: 7.00"


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