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My Newbie Routine

My Newbie Routine

I started my penis enlargement exercises almost two months ago. So far I haven’t seen any noticeable increases in my erect size, although my penis seems to be thicker and longer when it’s in a flaccid state.

My penis is very sensitive, so I try to be very careful with it and not overdo my workout. This is my routine:

I basically do 1 day of exercises and have a break the very next day. On the third day I do another workout and again, stop for a day. So the full session takes me 2 days.

My first session consisted of 40 jelqs, 40 shakes and 20 stretches with Kegels. 5 sessions equals a level and with each next lext I add 20 jelqs. The rest remains the same. In other words:

1st level - 5 sessions of 40 jelqs (+ 40 shakes and 20 stretches) = 10 days; 1st-10th
2nd level - 5 sessions of 60 jelqs (+ just like above) = another 10 days; days: 11th-20th
3rd level - 5 sessions of 80 jelqs = days: 21st-30th
4th level - 5 sessions of 100 jelqs = days: 31st-40th
5th level - 5 sessions of 120 jelqs = days: 41-50th

And so on.

Right now, I’m after my third session on 5th level, which was incomplete due to the bleeding problem. But apart from that I want to ask you, what do you think of my routine and whether I should improve it to finally see some real gains or just patiently continue this routine?

Please, do share your opinions with me. :)

Looks like a good schedule 2 me.

23-10-09 : EL 17,0cm EG 13,5cm

17-12-09 : EL 17,8cm EG 13,5cm

20-10-10 : EL 18,3cm EG 13,5cm

Thanks. :)

Seems too low on volume and frequence to me. In two months you should see some gains, generally speaking.

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