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My newbie routine.

My newbie routine.

I PE’d for about a month a while ago. At the end of the month I was doing about 20 mins of jelqing and 10mins of stretching. Things came up, I had to stop PEing for a while. Well recently I purchased a IR lamp and I’m kicking off a new routine. Let me know what you think. Should I add anything? Take anything away? Etc. Any advice is appreciated!


-10 min warmup about 15-18 inches in front of IR light.
-5 mins of A stretches, V stretches and bundled stretches
-10 mins of jelqing with the occasional Obend thrown in for a couple of seconds.
-Finish with 20 or so minutes of “edging”. Basically just trying to learn how to control my BC muscle fully. I usually ejaculate at the end of this “edging” because it feels damn good and because I believe I read somewhere that if you don’t ejaculate, their is a build up of DHT(?) or something that could be harmful to your body in some way.
-2 days on, 1 day off.

I mostly just jelq for 10 minutes but the Obends sounded promising. I don’t do them for very long at all, I’m just kinda trying to get a feel for them.

My plan is to increase the jelqing time by about 1-2 minutes each week. I’ll increase the stretching time by like 1 minute every 2 weeks or so because stretching has been difficult for me. It’s hard to keep a good grip. I’ve used latex gloves, strip of cloth, baby powder etc and the grip still slips alittle. The head of my dick also gets dry from to much stretching and I have a tendency to get red spots on the head because my hand always slips up and creates to much pressure on the head. Also, I’m not interested in length as much as I am in girth. I don’t plan to ever do more than 10 minutes of stretching total. Eventually I intend to start clamping when I feel my dick is conditioned enough. Probably when I get to 30 minutes jelqing time. (At least a couple months)

My starting stats are:

6.8 BPEL
4.9 EG

I’m hoping I gain some girth from this but if not thats fine, I’ll chalk it up as conditioning for clamping. If I get length I will be pleasantly surprised because it’s not what I’m aiming for. A nice 7.5 BPEL would be pretty nice. I don’t think my girl could take much more than that. She can take my full length in every position except doggystyle but ONLY if she is FULLY aroused. I really like to put both her legs back and fuck her hard and deep so I don’t want to lose the ability to do that with too much length. Sorry for so much information/rants. Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Sounds like a good plan to me. Only one thing to do. Get started and stick to it.

Is what Aces said true? That not ejaculating after edging/masturbating is bad for you? Never heard this before, anybody care to respond?


Good routine! The IR lamp is going to make things go a lot smoother.

Good Luck!

Start: 1-31-05 BPEL: 7.5 EG: 5

10-18-05 BPEL: 8 EG: 5.2

First Goal: 8 x 5.5 Final Goal: 8.5 x 6

If I’m not mistaken, you get DHT build up from having dry orgasms. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thats what I think I remember, but I could be wrong.Plus it feels good to finish it off! If it truly is much better to NOT ejaculate at the end of edging then I guess I could hold off, however I want to make sure it’s safe to do so on a continual basis.

P.S. Thats an amazing ass in your avatar. Who is it?

Hey Ace,

Sounds like you have things figured out. Hope you stick to it this time. Remeber, though, stretching isn’t only for gaining length. It also promotes girth gains, so don’t skimp on the stretching too much.


Originally Posted by AceDuece

P.S. Thats an amazing ass in your avatar. Who is it?

Joi Ryda

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