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My Newbie Routine - Your thoughts

My Newbie Routine - Your thoughts please

Hello all, I have finally decided to commit to PEing and I am excited about it. I will make it brief and to the point.

After reading around for a while I decided to go with the newbie routine - As of now I’m doing it in the shower for convenience ..

5 minute warming with hot water
5 minute stretching
10 minute jelqing
5 minutes with hot water again

And I also decided to do some edging to hopefully help me with my gains. (Quick question - Does edging HAVE to be basically jelqing the penis to pleasure yourself then holding back before you ejaculate? OR can you do it by normally masturbating like you would any other time but just holding back your ejaculation.)

I also try to do kegels whenever they come to mind, however recently I’ve been reading people who got premature ejaculation by doing too many kegels or something like that .. Thoughts on that?

As time goes by I will be adding time and reps to my routine but in terms of gains is this enough of a routine to get some decent length gains?

Thanks for your help everyone.

Start: 6.4 x 5.1

Current: 6.5 x 5.5

Long Term: 8x6

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Warming up in the shower isn’t optimal, but it’s certainly acceptable - especially if you’re lacking privacy for other means.

As to the edging - it is NOT jelqing, but instead any way you can bring yourself to the edge of cumming before letting it subside a bit, then repeating the process. Normal masturbation is fine.

Kegels in my experience have made me able to completely stop an ejaculation, so I don’t know the truth to that - best to do some more research, I think.

Theoretically, yes, you should see length gains from all this - just don’t get disheartened if they don’t happen too quickly, because eventually they WILL :)

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