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My newbie method

My newbie method

Hello! I’m newbie here :) . I read a couple of threads for planing my PE . So I want to ask you professionals here if it is all right or not.

- I wake up at 9 o’clock in the morning and start PE with andropenis (special method - 4 hours/day with 0.5 cm+ on every fourth day)
- 4 hours of wearing andropenis with one break on 2 hours (on break I massage my penis)
- When I finish with andropenis then I Wake up with warm cloth - 3-4 minutes
- Stretch (without Kegel) 5 minutes
- Jelq 10 minutes
- Stretch (with Kegel) 6 minutes
- Horizontal movement 5 minutes
- Wake up 3 minutes
- PC Flex Basic 70-100 Reps

And of course I have break - 3 day with this method and one day off. Next day (after day off) new +0,5cm on andropenis and then again PE method.

What do you think about my method ? I want to gain both (length and girth).

Thank you.

If you have just started PE then you are overdoing things.

Start wuth the Newbie routine to condition your penis for the heavier exercises you want to do. Otterwise you may experience cold hard flaccid penis, and’/or bruising.

If you are more experienced, then give us details so we can evaluate what you are doing.

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Too much, too soon. You only have one dick so don’t break it.

I start to use Andriana’s 4 January 2010. It passes one month and half and I see no results in length or girth (only very hard penis). So I want to expand my PE method. I see those PE methods help a lot of people here. It gives me extra moral to continue my PE.

It’s true sometimes I have cold hard flaccid penis when I wear andropenis. When it happen I take it off and massage it. Then I wear it again( but not in full erection mode only in half erection 50-60% - I stretch it). Maybe this is wrong. I really don’t know.

My methods after wearing:

- Wake up with hot tap. Holding 1/2 minutes then repeat (holding 2 minutes)
-Stretch - take the head and stretch on four different sides (for each side I hold 10-15 seconds)
-Jelq - I took the lubricant and start with 80% erection. I grab my penis with right fingers (using “OK” sigh) and push it to the head and then with left fingers. This takes 10 minutes.
-Power stretch - Is the same method like stretch before but the different is when I hold on side for few seconds then I tense my PC muscle for a further 5 seconds and repeating it in all directions.
- Horizontal movement - With my left fingers I stop the circulation on the base of penis(create pressure in penis). With my right fingers I stroke upwards until I reach the original starting point.
- For PC Flex Basic I tense my penis for 3-5 second and release. Of course I do this in erection.

I hope you understand what I’m doing. My teacher is guilty if there are some mistakes in words or understanding :) )


Originally Posted by curiousjo
Too much, too soon. You only have one dick so don’t break it.

Ok I understand. I wear andropenis one month and half. This after method I start before three days. What you propose?

If you have already done PE for 1.5 months, then the stretching and jelqing looks fine. Stick with it and you should see some gains. When you feel ready and conditioned, then experiment with clamping, and hanging but don’t break your dick!

Skip the Andropenis for now and maybe use it when you are better conditioned.

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