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My new very simple routine

My new very simple routine

Hello all,

So for the past 10 weeks or so I have been clamping. I would say the first 7 weeks were pretty bad though due to (extreme) inconsistency, but I managed to gain about 1/16” MS EG. I then got serious for the last 3 weeks, and gained another 1/16” MS EG (a grand total of 1/8” in 10 weeks.. Kind of terrible). My last 3 week routine was as follows:

************************************************** **************************************
(Warm up + Set) x 3. This was done 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 days off. Warm up and set were the following:

Warm up:
5-7 min of putting penis in hot water

7.5 min clamp
2 min rest
7.5 min clamp
************************************************** **************************************

This ended up taking me a bit over 1.5 hours a day since I would be constantly have to find good water temperature and also get really good erections. I managed this for 3 weeks before being completely burned out. This has nothing really to do with my post, but I figured a recent history might be useful. I did notice however, my EQ this past week was (and is) way worse than it used to be, so maybe my dick just can’t take it anymore. I know that I currently am not looking forward to PE as much as I did when I first started my 3 week binge. It’s funny because I am finally getting good sleep, and now my EQ is worse.. On a related note, I just started to quit drinking coffee this week (ie around the time my EQ started getting worse), do you think that has something to do with it? I was hoping that good sleep would do the trick. Anyways, my new plan is to do the following (which I tried today, and am kind of excited about):

************************************************** **********************************
30 mins of manual girth exercises while standing under the shower head while hot water is dribbling down from it.
6 times a week
************************************************** **********************************

One thing I noticed is that I was never able to get the expansion I got while clamping, so do you think that my new routine might be inferior, or should I give it some more time? I figure that in order to get girth, you need to get expansion, but I haven’t really made any real gains in girth with just a single type of exercise, so I don’t know.

Current Girth: 4 7/8” MS EG
(I am actually a hair under it, but I bet with a really good erection, the kind I got last week, I would measure 4 7/8”).

Anyways, I plan to update my girth stats in 1-2 weeks, if not here, then in the PE data site.

So.. Wish me luck? Give me feed back/help? Thanks. I know this is probably the most scattered post many of you will read, so I am sorry. This is why I don’t post much.


Maybe you should take a break and let your EQ heal. I think you should get same expansion with manual or cableclamp clamping.

I also started clamping a while ago. I am wondering since my cock doesnt get exhausted or tired, neither my skin wont get sore. I get about 0.2 inch bigger girth than in normal erection. My dick gets really hard when clamped and I think it shouldnt go any harder.

Start 20.4.2010: BPEL = 6.6 EG = 4.3 EGB = 4.8

Current: BPEL = 6.9 EG = 4.7 EGB = 4.9

Goal: BPEL = 7.5 EG = 5+

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