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My new routine

My new routine

I’ve been doing PE for about a year and completed the beginners routine but havent been gaining to much so I’m starting out hanging at low weights. This is gonna be my routine for a while see what happens.

Going to do 1 day on 1 day off doing six 20 minute sets, 3 in the morning and 3 at night. Gonna use 1 pound weight for this and after 9 days hanging take a one week break then start off same routine but with 2 pound weight and each time adding on another pound.

What does everyone think?


I’m just starting and your routine looks similar to what I’d like to do

Just wondered what you were doing before this and was there any gains made at all when you say very little ?

I was basically doing 2 days on and 1 day off, 10 mins warm up followed by 10 mins stretching and 10 mins jelqing. I only gained about a quarter of an inch but at times I wasn’t as dedicated as I could have been. Definately going to dedicate myself this time though. Also I read a book can’t remember its name but it had a routine called least work max gain and I’m basing my routine on that but my routine has less rest time.

Cool I am doing same but extra 10 mins of jelqs squeezes to work on girth it just the thought of 2hrs hanging a day puts me off tried it a few times with about 2.5lb for 3 x 10 min and that seemed horrid not uncomfortable just seemed weird as it’s new maybe lol

I don’t jelq at all now just hang, trying to focus on length first and after a while focus on other things. I don’t mind hanging but apparently 10 hours a week is the least you need to hang so a bit to go to reach that. Just made a captains wench hanger but I’ve only just finished hanging 8 days using 2 pound weight so I’m on week off then start on 3 pound next.

Heey sammi. What kind of book talks about PE? I didn’t even know they existed. What is a whole rest week for? I am just a beginner and knowing that you just got a quarter of an inch is a bit discouraging man.. Why haven’t you thought about an extender? Cheer man

I think its called exercising the penis or something but can’t remember, I admit I wasn’t the most dedicated when using manual exercises and I wasn’t making use of this site for info either so that’s probably why I didn’t gain more, for example in that time I took a month off which didn’t help. This time round I’m not going to get discouraged and reading success stories about other people hanging on here helps with that. The reason I’m taking rest breaks is I’m only starting hanging and I don’t want to overdo it and also in the book there is a routine called least work max gain which is something similar to mine but it says take a month off each time.

That sound cool man, can you look for the full correct name of the book? Did you loose it? It’d be great to look for it.

Looked it up, its called exercising the penis by Aaron Kemmer, was a good read for different routines and exercises.

Thanks man, ill check it out

Originally Posted by sammyssausages
I don’t jelq at all now just hang, trying to focus on length first and after a while focus on other things.

There’s nothing to focus on in hanging. Your dick grows however it decides to.

In the early days of online PE, guys selling pumps would say “Oh, if you hang a weight from your penis it will stretch out like a noodle!” Idiots.

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