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My new experience post. Gains


4 x 15 Ullis, I dont count the time on Ullis. Yes sock stretches is like V stretches but using a sock instead of your forefinger (vet please correct me) . i am adding it now, after getting monochrome advices. I do like 1 min strecth then change. I do just four, and also normal stretch all directions. I am thinkign about adding an ADS. But I dont want my parents to see the packet…

How do you do your ulis ? What’s your method ?

What’s ADS ? Iv not heard of that

Ads is all day stretch. Check vlc tugger or others.

I did 7 min dry jelq, then 8 min wet jelq, every 2 min I did ullis and some squeezes like in the videos. Watching porn to get hard and push all the blood up with my skilled hand.

I realized my train was inefficient as it’d take a while to let your dick subside from ullis and keep jelqimg. So I did ullis after the 8 min jelq and not in between. I recently cut ullis.

Sounds like a good routine. I’m just doing 15/20 mins wet jelqs after 10 min warm up with light stretches. I will Keep this going for another month then introduce some ulis. How do you find doing the dry jelqs ? Any issues ?

What videos did you find, I would quite like to see them to compare techniques ?

Could you poss send a link ?

the videos are here in Thunders. i am now doing a similar routine to yours, I stretch durign the day also.

I suggest to stop watching porn during exercises. It can get you less sensitive for stimulation. It’s hard at the beginning, but be patient and PE will be fun.

You still can do Newbie Routine, just find the amount of jelqs and stretches needed for gain and good PI’s.

Maybe instead of regular, try fulcrum stretches, described by Memento in his routine’s thread.

fulcrum stretches? like with rings?

I do sock stretches to 3 different sides, is that the same idea? thanks man


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