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My New Apadravya

My New Apadravya

Hello All,

As the title states I have recently acquired an Apadravya, for those who are think what is an Apadravya, it is a genital piercing that runs from the frenum up through the urethra and out of the top of the glans of the penis. For more information just Google it and you will be sure to find a world of information. This is my one and only piercing and I am 27 have no tattoos and do not plan on anymore piercings. I had it done about 1 week ago today and it is healing fine at this point and for those who are thinking that it must of hurt yes, yes it did, but when you decide you want something like this you know what you are getting yourself into so the pain is all part of the experience. I will be post some pictures of it as soon as I get the time to take some happy snaps and would also really like to know if there are any other members of the pierced member club on here? Especially those of you with Ap’s. I am not entirely sure how this will effect my P.E. regime but it will be about six months before I can start again so I am looking forward to the deconditioning break anyway. I am supposed to refrain from sex for the first 4 weeks but I think I will try to wait 3 months to ensure absolute healing, mainly for PE purposes in the future ( I don’t want to build up unnecessary scar tissue/damage), but when I finally do get back in action I will report on the differences of having an Ap in relation to sex ie. partner reactions, stimulation and so on. Being that this piercing is very ancient and actually mentioned in the Kama Sutra I must say that I have some expectations that I hope it lives up to but I am also a realist and know that every girl is different and it is up to me and her to learn how best to use it.

That is all from me for now but I will be giving updates and I really want the comments and questions of others so don’t be a stranger.

Ouch! What is the piercing for aside from aesthetics purposes? Will it benefit your partner? Just curious.

It is mentioned in the Kama Sutra as being essential for female stimulation (I personally take that with a grain of salt) but I also know a couple of guys with Ap’s who have told me that most chicks are a bit nervous about them at first and even the first few times but love them after a while, one chick I know reckons all guys should get them at birth. They are definitely an aesthetic item as well but they are also in the prime location to stimulate the G spot, mind you that always will depend on your penis size and the girl you are with. There are also a few variations in the placement of an Apadravya, I went with the standard head placement but you can go from the Frenum to just behind the head and even Ap’s that are through the shaft (not frenum to shaft but rather shaft to shaft).

I cannot say from experience yet how effective it is but I will report back when I can, I have to say though I love it and will definitely keep it, even if it does turn out useless.

B.T.W. the pain is totally bearable and definitely worth it if you are that way inclined, like I said in my previous post this is my one and only piercing so it isn’t like I am some hard core pain junky or something.

Oh, now I know. I never had any piercing myself but I’m interested. I just don’t know if they do that here in our country. And, yeah, please report back how effective it is when you get to use it okay! Good luck man!

I got my frenum pierced almost a year ago. I’m 23, no tattoos and have no desire for other piercings. Mine definitely didn’t hurt as bad as yours did, but I think it was definitely worth it just for the reactions it gets haha.

Pain is such a relative thing as well, personally I don’t think I have a very high pain threshold when it comes to needles and the likes but at the same time I handle other types of pain much better than others ( I think I just have a needle phobia). On a scale of 1 to 10 I would place the pain at an 8 and I would definitely go through it again without a second thought, so anyone reading this who has considered it but is afraid all I can say is don’t be. The only real advice I would give is get it done when you are on holiday’s or something (as I did) because having to work for the first couple of days would have been murder, I would say that after 4 days it is barely noticeable anymore other than a slight ache if bumped.

I am at day 11 since having it done and I have no pain at all and no signs of swelling, bruising, redness or the likes. In my initial post I said that I was going to refrain from sex for the first 3 months to ensure maximum healing but now I am thinking that 4 weeks is more than enough, I will still wait as long as possible but I am really quite amazed at the human bodies regeneration capabilities. This has also given me new hope is my PE quest as I have now seen first hand what the human body can do, it makes me laugh at all those people who consider PE to be ludicrous and impossible, I mean really a broken bone can reconnect itself and heal as good if not better than it was originally, why would a penis be the only part of the human anatomy that defies the bodies ability to grow, change, adapt and strengthen?

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Hey, as promised I have posted some photos of my piercing in the members pics section. I am not too sure how to post a link but maybe someone can fix that up for me in the mean time here is the URL if that helps at all. Smk5366 Apadravya Pics

Lol, apparently I do know how to post a link.

Awww! I’ve seen the pictures and it looks great to be honest. Just a question, did it literally pass thru the urethra because if that’s the case then the stream of your urine when you pee would change. Am I right? And if I decide to remove it, would I have a big hole on top of my glans?

Looks cool man, you´re giving me ideas :)
I have two nipple piercings and girls go crazy when they see them so i imagine how their answer gonna be when they see what you´ve got there ;)

good luck with the healing

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Absolute Zero:

It did change my flow of urine for the first couple of days from the swelling i guess but now it is back to normal but everyone is different and some guys get a split stream or a dribble or some guys have to hold pressure on one ball to alter the stream. I am planning on moving up a gauge when I am completely healed so that may change my flow with the thicker bar, I want to go from the current 10 gauge to an 8 gauge. Personally I am curious about ejaculation as in whether I will shoot with more pressure or just dribble out, previously I have been a shooter but I guess I will have to wait and see. If you take it out apparently the top hole will heal with some slight scarring but the bottom hole almost never closes completely, meaning dripping urine or stitches to fix. This doesn’t bother me because I think it’s a keeper and by the time I want to take it out for good I will be in a nursing home peeing in nappies anyway so who cares.


I let my girl have a look about 2 hours after it was done and she wanted to jump my bones right then and there which gave me a 50% erection that hurt like a mother! I think most girls would be curious if they had not come across one before but I have also heard that it can take some convincing when the time comes to stick it in, but nice and slow and plenty of lube soon changes there minds or so I’ve heard.

Hey guys,

I tried out my Ap sooner then expected but it was good, I have to go very slow as I was a bit tender still and I could only go in half way which was really frustrating. As for the differences well for me it made things feel very tight, which my girl is anyway but it was even tighter and I could not push hard enough to get all the way in because it would hurt me (which she thought was great, payback). Her reports are very promising, I couldn’t put in enough effort to get her all the way but she says that it is a very intense feeling and is looking forward to when I am completely healed. Her exact words were “It hits everything just right”.

So I guess anyone who has considered getting one but until now was too chicken, I urge you to reconsider because ever since last weekend when we tried it out just once I can’t keep her from trying to rape me which is great for the ego but I feel that I will cave again soon which will be bad for healing. I think I need to get a chastity belt for a while.

I will be back with more when I have more to be back with.

Hahaha the rape part was really funny. You are very lucky with your girl. Now you gave me another reason to have it done. I can’t imagine how you’re girl would feel if you manage to put it all the way in. Please update us again when everything is healed okay.

I’ve had a prince albert for 6 years now. It started out as a 10 gauge but I quickly went down to a 2 after it was healed. Dropping to a 2 gauge was one of the many things in life I should have thought through first. Depending on which jewelry I wear I usually have to sit down to piss, or twist my dick around so the flow goes upward. If I could do it over again, I would definitely go with an apadravya. Every girlfriend I’ve had sex with while wearing the PA has complained of pain. It even hurt me sometimes.

Nowadays I am thinking of getting prince albert but I couldn’t decide


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